Poverty in America

America’s poverty IS hitting home.

I was shocked to learn lately about the poverty in America, i knew things were bad but i never new the full extent of what was happening.

Rich and poor: The tents and other makeshift homes have sprung up in the shadow of Sacramento’s skyscrapers. Read more from the Daily mail.

55 tents cities all over the states with families living in tents and cars, this is because all the shelters for the homeless are full and they sending them to the tent cities.

Tent city residents queue up to receive supplies handed out by a local charity. Photos from the Daily Mail.

15 million unemployed, 47 million living in poverty, 50% of children homeless, children being given food bags at school for the weekend, in-case they don’t eat.

1.6 million people have no social security at all.

America has the lowest social mobility of any industrialized nation. Children who are homeless now could remain homeless well into adulthood, and they may never get out of it.

At one charity, 500 people cued through the night for free medical care of all types from about 70  medical staff.  Some people had life threatening illness’ which meant a trip to hospital, they did not go because they do not have any money.

One man had something wrong with his leg, he went to get it examined and was told if it was not treated he would get gangrene. His question was, ” is it free ” and they told him it would cost $20,000, he went home to his tent.

Detroit City is a crumbling mess, industries, schools, homes, shops, police and fire stations, court-house, libraries all closed down and ruined. Streets are in a complete mess and the never have street lights switched on.

President Obama’s welfare bill does not take effect until 2014 which will be far to late, things can only get worse, more out of work, more tent cities, more people ill and dying.

America can not or will not admit to the poverty in the country, and they seem powerless to fix it, the in-fighting between the parties in the upper and lower house’s has never ever helped the matter.

Some-one with power needs to take charge of America and shake it to its core, and start to get things moving. To stop industry being in charge of America let the GOOD and decent politicians be in charge.

40 responses to “Poverty in America

  1. Interesting that the news isn’t covering this??? These people don’t need welfare, they need jobs. Unemployment is our problem.

    • I have found over the years that American news does not cover this type of thing.
      They seem to cover the important things in life like the election, making money, who is doing what with whom.
      There are lots of things not covered.

  2. Very interesting Harry….not a patch on South Africa,though.

  3. Hi,
    That is truly astonishing, I haven’t heard about any of this in our papers here in OZ either. We hear how bad the unemployed is, but not the consequences of it. I agree someone has to take charge and start putting the country back together. It’s unbelievable that the powers that be let things get this bad.

  4. Harry,
    This is an appalling state of affairs and embarrassing to say the least. it has been covered in the news. I recently saw a segment regarding the tent cities and unemployment on one of the evening news. So hard to believe this is happening in America–the “so called” land of opportunity.

  5. Harry, have to tell you that American news covers these issues all the time. Do you read the Daily Mail online? Perhaps you might enjoy browsing through http://www.nytimes.com/ or http://www.sfgate.com/chronicle/ or any other number of online US news sites.
    Obama, to his credit, struggled in his first term to build bi-partisanship into the fabric of government which the Republicans stonewalled at every opportunity.
    This is such a huge issue and indeed not one that is confine to the USA. Stopping now before I go on for too long!

  6. Patti, i have stopped watching the news since i got rid of Sky 🙂

    I think Obama has been the best President for many years, and yes, everything he has tried to do the new bills etc, the Republicans have stopped him.

    I hope he gets re-elected and gets a majority in both houses then you might see things start to get better.

  7. Harry thought you might also enjoy this link:
    which is in no way an attempt to minimise the awful situation that is poverty for any one but rather how news is packaged. Plus, the Daily Mail had to get the news from a US News agency in the first place, and this particular issue (homeless in Sacramento) was news in 2009 after Oprah went in and did a special segment. And probably sent everyone home in a brand new car!!!

    • Very good link Patti, it was a TV program were i seen it first and it showed first of all, the empty houses all over America which people lost to the banks, because they lent the people to much money.

  8. This is covered on American news which I do watch from time to time. It’s covered very well on the Canadian news and on news around the world too. Any American who isn’t aware of the state of affairs under the Bush Administrations would have had to have been deaf, dumb and blind. Under the 2 Bush Administrations what was simultaneously accomplished was the highest ever military budgets in Ameica and the highest poverty rates in America. http://www.worldhunger.org/articles/Learn/us_hunger_facts.htm

    • The Bush Govt inherited a healthy surplus from the Clinton admin (the supposedly heavy welfare spending arm of too much govt etc etc) which Bush blew into a record deficit over two terms . . .I really did not want to start on Bush for fear of not knowing where to stop!

  9. I agree TT the Bush family along with the banks caused the crash which is going on all over at the present time. Bush Jnr could see no further than a second Gulf war to do what daddy did not do.

  10. An thus, the “occupy” movement. Much of the theme of that movement was based on the inability/disinterest/ineffectiveness/ignorance of the governing parties to do anything. They fight over turf, language and social issues while kids are hungry, cold and living on the streets without medical care.

  11. Your last paragraph says it all. Kudos for having the courage to speak your mind on this issue. Although it is far from perfect, I am thankful to live in Australia.

  12. DP – Yes, it’s a national shame and a scandal, and we do know about it, at least those of us in or near major cities. (I’ve noticed that my mother’s local newspaper, in central Pennsylvania, trims out details of news stories that wouldn’t fit the Republican party line. But even in parts of the country where newspapers leave things out, there’s television news and the Internet.) My local paper, the Philadelphia Inquirer, regularly runs stories about homelessness – how people become homeless, what’s being done to get them off the streets and into shelters and then homes of their own, what happens when these programs fail, and so on.

    From my own observation, we first started seeing homeless people in the early 1970s. Two things happened at about that time: First, there was a well meant effort to clean up (i.e. get rid of) “skid row” neighborhoods, which were full of cheap hotels – once those hotels closed, the people who had lived in them had no place to go. (At the time, the public perception was that Skid Row was a place for people who drank away all their wages, and that if the cheap hotels and bars were gone the problems would evaporate.) Second, there was an equally well meant movement to “mainstream” the mentally ill and close hospitals where they had been kept for years at a time. Unfortunately, not everyone could navigate the mainstream world without constant help, and many people with mental problems also wound up on the streets. And then there’s also racism to aggravate the problem. And the appalling chaos of our health insurance – basically, you’re okay if-and-only-if you have a better than average job, or if you’re over sixty-five (then you qualify for Federally funded Medicare). One of the grotesque moments during our elections two years ago was hearing about right-wingers screeching for the “government to keep its hands off our Medicare” – which is and always has been a government program.

    Obama’s health reform is partly in effect now – for example, it (right now) forces insurance companies to let children stay on their parents’ health insurance well into their twenties if they’re in college, instead of being booted off it once they turn twenty-two whether they have jobs that provide coverage or not. If the Republicans can be kept from wrecking it, health care reform goes fully into effect by 2014 – I think that’s what you have in mind when you say “President Obama’s welfare bill does not take effect until 2014”?

    It’s a frustrating, and worrying, period to be an American.

  13. This is so sad to read. It’s heartbreaking to see how hard these people’s lives have become…

  14. You’re right, Harry. It’s a HUGE problem that we try to hide. It’s getting harder to hide every day because more and more people are falling into poverty in this nation where a small minority control the majority of power and resources (yet we still insist this is a democracy and a capitalist economy). Humph!

  15. This topic is always worth revisiting, Harry, because the way a society cares (or doesn’t) for it’s weakest, poorest members says much about the quality of its character. Thanks for bringing it up.

    We Americans have a problem with avarice and excessive materialism, which we regularly shy away from looking at directly. I believe the “free market” we insecurely cling to requires that many must suffer so that a few may become disproportionately rich. Though the degrees and percentages of poverty run in cycles historically, it’s back on the high side now, as it hasn’t been since the 1930s.

    One slight correction to your stats, which I’m sure was unintentional. 50% of children are not homeless. 1 out of 50 children are homeless. Of course that’s still abominably high in a country with our resources.

    • Thanks Mikey, nice to see you back again i do call over to your blog now and again. I’ll change the stats 🙂

      If all the oil companies and banks would donate 1/100 th of there profits for a year the problem could be fixed.

  16. A small minority in control is right Lorna, bankers, oil Barons, etc.

  17. Chatter Master

    I work in the social services field here in America, in the protective services field. I see this ALL of the time. Every day. I’m very aware of it so it surprises (but probably shouldn’t) me that it is not well known to others. The need of many fall on the shoulders of a few. But in addition to the economy there are other issues that are greatly impacting our society. Sadly, drug abuse, is one of the biggest detriments as well as any other issue.

  18. It is so upsetting to see this kind of widespread poverty in a country that has so much. I guess when your foundation is greed, it is to be expected that those with the money close thier fists and their eyes and simply carry on as if nothing is wrong.

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  20. It’s a travesty. This is going to sound odd, but sometimes I’m glad my mother isn’t with us anymore. I’m glad she can’t see this. I think she’d find it as deeply distribing as we do. I come from an immigrant family, one that was proud and happy to be here and grateful for the opportunities they had. It would seem – at least for the moment – that things are just not the same. Transition time …

    Thanks for picking up your Sunshine Award. Congratulations! Look forward to your post.

    Warmest regards,

  21. Thanks Jamie the post is nearly ready to go.

  22. Thanks for linking up to the Love Politics Blogs Showcase. The scale of this problem certainly undermines the commonly held idea that homelessness is only an issue for people who are either lazy or drug addicts/mentally ill. Once a family loses their main income it can be a very quick downward spiral in a society with a very limited welfare ‘safety net’. Makes me very grateful for our (admittedly imperfect) system here in the UK.

  23. Cat thanks for your visit, our system is not prefect, but at least 99% of the people will never end up like the Americans or indeed in other countries as well.

    Please call back.

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