Outrageous Wedding Dresses ( Photos ).

For all the brides to be, here are a few Brides dresses to look at.  You never know you might like one, or you might be sick.

The last two are the best, but don’t sneak down.

The Nipple Wedding Dress

The Dildo Wedding Dress

The Fat Woman's Wedding Dress

The Pregnant Bride Wedding Dress

The Cream Puff Wedding Dress

And now for the Gypsy wedding dresses.

Trashy Bride

And now for the best wedding dress ever, but you won’t be looking at it.

The Russian Stripper Wedding Dress.

The Boob Wedding Dress

42 responses to “Outrageous Wedding Dresses ( Photos ).

  1. I’ve ticked Like though I’m not sure why!!!!

  2. Uhhhhhh……. wow! Don’t you wonder what some of them (most, okay ALL) were thinking????

  3. So many to choose from… not sure which I liked the most, the pregnant bride or the Russian stripper wedding dress. Nothing speaks to the sanctity of marriage like a dress that exposes your entire breast! hahaha! these are too good to be true.
    I think Lily will really like these since she just got married in August.

  4. Holy Boobs!!!! What was she thinking… well, I know what the husband was thinking, but the bride?!?!?

  5. I have to wonder if they got married in a church…..many ministers here would not have allowed some of those “dresses”.

  6. Hahaha I love these. Shows that you can really go the extra mile to class up your wedding. Why is it that the girls who SHOULDN’T be wearing those dresses, are the ones that always do?

  7. A Gripping Life said that you might like these, now just look at what you could have had for your big day 🙂

  8. Seriously, what are some people thinking? Ugh!

  9. Harry, I’m speechless, but laughing 😆

  10. Good, I’m glad laughing is good…hehe…
    “What was the poor groom thinking”? You asked, Harry…He probably picked the dress out.

  11. I loved My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding!! Trash at it’s best!!

  12. OMG…and I’ll leave it at that

  13. I’m liking your fashion sense.
    Thanks for starting my day with a smile.

  14. I will do one for you JO, you must be typing without your glasses on to-night, i’ll fix all your typos 😆

  15. I looked at these and thought, ‘tacky, tacky, tacky’ all the way to the end but am I alone for liking the last two, I’d wear those myself but I probably wouldn’t dare dance in them lol!!

  16. hmmmm..:-) speechless….a dildo wedding dress reallyyy..

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  18. nice weeding dreesss

  19. *speechless* You are so right, Harry – the last one takes the cake *gulps*

  20. Well, if this doesn’t “take the cake” I don’t know what does… 😉

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