404 Error

You may find a  404 error when you come here for a post about America.

I removed it because it seemed to up-set two of my readers and that’s the last thing i want to do.


13 responses to “404

    • OK, i don’t mind 404s 🙂

      I hope you don’t mind my next post about the US.

      I have found that no matter where i go if there’s a post about the US about any subject they take it as an insult to them and the US, why ?

  1. Harry, this could prove to be your most popular post yet!

    • I know Patti, it was read 23 times in ten minutes before i took it down, but as i said i don’t want to loose readers.

      But , i’m not finished with the US or Islam, i’m doing an insulting post about the IRA at the minute, and i live here 😆

  2. I can’t believe you took it down Harry…the USA is always carrying on about their right to speak their mind…seems turnaround is only fair…and truthfully I can’t imagine you saying anything that bad
    e-mail it to me please as I missed it

  3. No Jo you have got it all wrong, please keep up with the news, you are not allowed to voice your opinion in the US.
    No such thing as free speach.
    But i have lots more posts made and all.
    It was all about the US burning the Koran.

  4. I am from the US. I would love to have read the post. I am horrified by the burning of a Koran, and I am not religious, either. Really-if we can’t have an honest, respectful discussion of differing opinions, what does that say about your readers, anyway? I vote for reposting it, for whatever my vote may count.

  5. Harry, I’m an American, as you know. You’ve posted items about the US before that I didn’t particularly like or agree with, but I’d never tell you to take them down. Contrary to your above comment, we do enjoy free speach, and I’d never deny you yours. As for burning the Koran, it was a stupid, thoughtless thing to do, but that doesn’t excuse the resultant violence. Like most Americans, I want us out of Afganistan.

  6. I was worried America 404’d for a second. That would have made today the worst day ever.

  7. I have decided to put this post back into view because its the truth not a lie and its not an insult to any-one or any nation.

I appreciate any comments you leave, and thank you for reading my posts and please call back again.

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