Dribbling Pensioner Has Been Tagged

Dribbling Pensioner 

Has Been Tagged

Darkjade from the Dark Globe, has just Tagged” one of My Posts Here on my blog  along with 10 others that were being tagged. It’s a game of tag that is doing the rounds so lets get on with it.

Here are The Rules.

1. You must post the rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
3. Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.
4. Let them know you’ve tagged them!

His Questions/My Answers;

1) Favorite Color
That’s an easy one it’s  black.

2) Favorite Band, Musician or Type of Music
Queen, UB40, I will also listen to many types of music.

3) Most Important People In Your Life
My wife, we have been together for 45 years, and are each others best friend.

4) Most Meaningful Moment, or Moments if there’s too many
The births of the children and grand children.

5) Where Would You Like to Travel To?
To Canada to see my brother, he has been over here twice.

6) Most Inspiring Blog or Blogs that you Read
There are to many blogs that i like, can’t answer that one.

7) Favorite Childhood Friend (It can be a pet, lol)
My friend Jim, we went and did everything together, then the family went to Canada and we lost touch.

8) Most Beautiful Place/Location you’ve ever been?
I think that has to be the Co.Down coast in Northern Ireland.

9) Your Three Strongest Interests
Blogging, reading and working in forums.

10) Your Biggest Dream or Dreams
I don’t have any dreams, i’m happy as i am, i’m also a realest.

11) Your Favorite Kind of Food
I like most foods as long as it not man made food, pasta and that type of rubbish.


And now to tag eleven blogs, that i think have not been tagged.

Cathy from  ungabungagirl

Barb from passionate about pets

Sami from The Embarrassment

Vil from Vilipend

Pie from Pienbiscuits

Carole from prettier in pink

Izaakmak from I want ice water

Paul from Sons of thunder

Saarimner from My thoughts and personal opinions

Amor from Amors Thoughts

Here are the eleven questions for the bloggers that I have tagged.

1. What is your meaning of life.

2. Do you really like everyone you talk to.

3. Do you always use the car instead of walking when you can.

4. What would you do if you killed a dog with no-one about.

5. In 24 hours the world will end, what would you do.

6. Do you really understand the PC your using right now.

7. If you entered a TV game show, which one, and why.

8. Do you or have you taken part in any sports.

9. Which car would be your dream car.

10. What is the main thing you would do to fix your country.

11. What would be your dream job.

That’s it folks and good night.

34 responses to “Dribbling Pensioner Has Been Tagged

  1. I liked your answers. I, too, like the color black and the bands, Queen and UB40. Well done!

  2. Hi DP,
    I am so sorry but I am away at the moment and wont be able to take part. I am looking after my baby granddaughter in France. I;m exhausted, time is short and I am also recovering from a nasty stomach bug. Please don;t be offended but can you untag me please 🙂 You may have noticed that I have not even had time to respond to comments left on my blog which is unlike me…
    PiP >)

  3. Great answers and THANK YOU for not tagging me!

  4. Nice answers! I also like the questions you asked. Nice post!

  5. Thanks Harry,
    But, I’m having enough trouble just typing ( tags ) for my little post at the moment…
    I’ll just answer the questions here:
    1.Meaning of life is a very deep subject.
    First of all,as anyone to be all I can be. Also, for me it is to learn to think, and react with the mind of my creator…and “Pizza”
    2. I really love everyone…do I have to like them too?
    3. Do I use the car instead of walking when I can?= Yes, I use the car…it takes me an hour to walk to the mail box and back…It’s nearly a quarter mile to the highway.
    4.Road Pizza!!!
    5.Finish the Pizza
    6.Do I understand the PC I’m using?= Yes, I understand it’s a piece of Crap, but, it still gets me online.( As long as I keep the roll of Hay Baling Wire, and pliers handy.
    7.T.V. Game Show?= Are you smarter than a 5th grader…so I would stand at least a slim chance at winning.
    8. (Sports) = I was the original Crash Dummy.
    9.Dream Car = DeLorean DMC-12, but…only the one from “Back to the Future”..
    10. Fix My Country? = Send the Federal Reserve Bankers to Iran…in the same “Drone”
    11. Dream Job? = “Drone” controller

  6. Thanks for doin it Harry, I know it takes some work, lol


  7. Nice work Harry! These things take some thinking about, and are quite time consuming. Not sure if I should be happy or what, to be tagged, but I will get round to doing it asap.

  8. Thanks Harry, I was wondering what I could do today that would take me all morning lol x
    I’m on it! Nice idea…

  9. What a great post Harry. Interesting and thought provoking list of questions you have there. 😉

  10. I like your response in number 5!

  11. You are an interesting fella…In the last 24 hours I have suddenly become a spammer it seems so you will need to approve me again…

  12. hey Harry…it’s me in disguise…hehehe (Jo)
    your suggestion worked about getting in to the forums under another name you sneaky man

  13. Harry can you do me a favour and go to the forum thread you started and answer the staff guy’s question with chronicles URL. I tried it but have a suspicion that the new identity has been kicked out now as well…i commented but the comment doesn’t show up I fear

  14. oooohhhh, great answers and even better questions!

  15. Dear DB,

    I’m sorry I have been awful at blogging lately and not a very good tag partner. Thank you for thinking of me.

    Take Care,


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