Plastic bag charge

A charge for plastic bags.

Northern Ireland are bringing in a tax on plastic bags, which i think its long overdue and its about time this happened.

The tax will start in April 2013 and will either be 5p or 10p per bag and will go up to 15p per bag in 2014. They are also taking about making it 15p from the start, which i would favour.

In Northern Ireland there are 200 million plastic bags used every year, and i think it takes something like 100 years for them to degrade.

Also in April 2013 Wales are going to charge 5p per bag and this will go up to 10p the following year.

England and Scotland do not plan any charge as yet.

The Irish Republic have had the charge for about 10 years and its set at 22cents about 20p per bag, and they have seen the total bag count drop by over 50%.

What is happening Β in the country where you live are they doing anything about this matter ?

People go shopping and instead of buying ” green bags ” which are very cheap and replaced free, they would rather use 10 – 15 bags or more, were-as Β 2 or 3 ” green bags ” would hold the shopping.

I have seen many people go into a shop for 1 or 2 items and ask for a bag, then they walk to a car and go home, they did not need a bag.

There are two short reports about this matter in the links below.

Read more here Belfast Telegraph.

Read more here Belfast Telegraph.

33 responses to “Plastic bag charge

  1. Good morning Harry! πŸ™‚
    Those plastic bags, where I live in The Netherlands, you can buy them if you really want to, for 50 eurocent from a machine, but there also is a bulb in the shop were people donate their old plastic bags, and you can take one for free if needed. Recycling. Most people have shopping bags with them btw. I noticed elsewhere in supermarkets they just give you plastic bags with the groceries (in Whitby a few years ago for instance, maybe also in my country). I think a tax is one solution to minimize the plastic waste belt. I like the recycling bulb with free plastic bags more so.

  2. Here in Leeds England Harry there has been a charge of 5p per bag I think for a few years now but it doesn’t seem to deter people from buying them rather than purchasing a strong “green” one. I think if the charge were 15 or even 20 p it may just make that very much needed difference.


  3. Harry, in the USA we’re offered paper or plastic but most everyone uses plastic. They hand them out like candy. Nobody thinks twice about it.

    But to be fair, everyone over here recycles their garbage; paper, aluminum, glass, all plastic, plastic bags included. They don’t have to recycle, they just do – free of charge. Also, in front of the shops there are bins where you put your used plastic bags. Recycling has become very popular. It really cuts down on everyone’s garbage and it’s good for the environment.

    I bought lawn furniture (white adirondek chairs) for my yard last year. They’re made entirely from plastic milk jugs. And they’re sturdy and look fantastic. They look like they’re made from wood.

  4. Good Morning Harry. I am from the USA as well. I remember my first trip to Ireland (Republic) and we were charged for bags at the store. I was surprised. But ever since then we have been much more aware of why we were charged, and how we use the bags. Most people I know are trying to be more aware and conscious of the use of materials, and choose recycling over just throwing stuff in the trash.

    • Chatter Master, The US could save billions every year by recycling but it takes the population to do it, or at least 85%.

      Thank you for you visit please call back, i have seen your comments on other blogs πŸ™‚

  5. In our area of Portugal most supermarkets seem to charge for carrier bags.
    We now use our own bags. It’s the same in France.
    Seems funny when we return to the UK we get bags for free. We grab handfuls to take back to Portugal to reuse when we go shopping or to use as plant ties.

  6. I recycle. Mostly from guilt, based on the old commercial of an American Indian (who was actually a Cajun from Louisiana–anyhoo), crying one tear as he sees the trash on the highway and river. I was teeny small, but, I remember that, and did the recycle then. It’s easy to do, just, well, DO it.

  7. Yes plastic bags are used like crazy in the US, but Lisa above is right, recycling has become very prevalent in most parts of the US. That’s not to say there’s not still a lot of stuff ending up in landfills, but it’s definitely made a dent.

    • Steve, large firm’s who hires skips to builders have to recycle everything they can before going to landfill.
      At the landfill, Belfast has built a plant to recycle everything they can, anything else that can be burnt, is burnt, to generate electricity.
      So we are doing well.

  8. they were thinking of bringing in a charge here…one chain did actually and everyone went ballistic…charge GONE, which i thought was a real bummer. i am a recycle nut…everything is recycled I can, and if I can’t recycle I try not to buy. I Kiwi woman has invented a way to recycle disposable diapers/nappies here…Amen to that as they are a real problem. i just used cloth with my guys, but these days you almost never see a baby in anything but disposable…

    • That’s very good your recycling, pity about the charge.

      Young woman to-day would not dare wash a nappy in case it was dirty, but if they are walking a dog, they HAVE to lift the dog shit, no problem.

  9. In Australia there is still no charge for plastic bags, but we are encouraged to buy the stronger ‘green’ bags. Many do, but too many don’t. We have re-cycling though, for plastic containers, newspapers, cardboard, etc., but I noticed on a recent visit to the UK, that we are not as strict as you are over there.

  10. Here in my part of Canada, one of the largest grocery stores doesn’t supply bags at all, and you pack your groceries yourself. Some of the other stores charge a few cents per bag. Just about every store sells reusable bags.

  11. They sell the reusable bags here too, and seems they sell pretty good…although, the habit of actually bringing them to the store to be re-filled has yet to catch on. The stores are probably afraid it would limit the amount of ones purchases. I’m thankful there are still groceries to be bought…regardless of what I have to take them home in.

  12. Here in South Africa they charge for platic bags.. We also have the green ones, but its not as widespread as it could be.
    Each bag costs about 30-50c (depending on shop), and converted that’s about 3-5p!
    There’s not much talk about it though 😦

    The Maze

  13. I am against this tax. I am tired of the environment pushing me around. I think environmentalists are fighting on the wrong side. Haven’t you seen Jurassic Park? Nature is deadly.

  14. But look at the rubbish that’s laying around Mars and the Moon, they just left it behind them for someone else to clear up, remind you of another planet where that happens πŸ™‚

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