Gay Hate Crime

Three Men Jailed Over Gay Hate Leaflets.

Three Muslim men have been jailed for handing out leaflets calling for gay people to be killed.

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In a “landmark case last month“, Ihjaz Ali age 42, Kabir Ahmed age 28 and Razwan Javed age 28, were found guilty of breaching hate crime legislation by distributing the leaflets outside a mosque and posting them through letterboxes in the Normanton area of Derby.

Photo from Yahoo News.

Ali was sentenced to two years in prison at Derby Crown Court, while Ahmed and Javed were jailed for 15 months. Two other men, Mehboob Hussain age 45 and Umar Javed age 38, were previously acquitted of the same charge.
The men admitted distributing the flyers but claimed they were “not threatening” and denied they were designed to cause trouble for homosexuals

The leaflet stated that in 1533 homosexuality was punishable by hanging in England and that if practised in a town, “Allah permits its ( the towns ) destruction”.

One man, who did not want to be named, told Sky News: “They incite violence and I would even say it’s incitement to murder.

“It lists various methods of executing homosexuals from burning alive, stoning, hanging or being thrown from a tall building and I felt that was directed at me.

“My initial thoughts were that I was actually being targeted by an individual, it really was quite frightening. It’s a very, very scary image especially when you realise what the message is,” he said.

He also said other leaflets were also given out.

“Another was titled ‘Turn or Burn’ and the front of it was an image of a sea of fire,” he said.

“But more disturbing was the reverse side, where there was the picture apparently of a human body burning in flames.”

Another man said: “It happened 18 months ago and I’m still feeling very insecure in my own house. I’m suspicious of strangers on the street, strange cars.

“I really avoid going out after dark because I never know when somebody is going to respond to a leaflet by possibly attacking me.

“Apart from the cultural and religious aspects of it, I feel there are some gullible people in the wider community who will read literature like that and take it as a green light to commit violence.”

29 responses to “Gay Hate Crime

  1. It takes so much more energy to hate than it does to love. I can’t imagine standing in judgement of another…? I have enough to do worrying about myself!

  2. AGL, you are right about the energy burning up.
    I was in judgement once on a jury panel, it was for four weeks on a murder trial and i was the jury foreman.
    I thought it was very interesting and would do it again, but i’m not allowed, when you do a murder trial that’s you finished for life.

  3. I’m sick and tired of bashings of any kind … today it’s muslim and gay bashing time … who is gonna be bashed tomorrow … Instead of feeding the scapegoat of the day with hate, feed it with love … Love has many faces … it is possible … one scapegoat at a time … until there are only useful goats left, hmmm?
    Always, cat.

    • The next people to get bashed are two paedophiles who got jail for their deeds with boys and girls, one a priest and the other a scout leader.

      I’m not bashing any-one, i’m only posting a story, i’m in the middle of a story about the B.N.F in England and i’m going to bash them 🙂

  4. (insert sarcasm)Yeah, because this will really help the world in so many ways.(end of sarcasm) FFS.

  5. How did Anonymous show up instead of my name? I hate the Internet at times, ’cause we know it’s not me.

  6. This makes me sad. There’s too much hate in the world. It seems like such an old fashioned way of thinking. I hate when people use religion as a force to do awful things.

  7. Rather ironic that one group who has experienced hate in our society feels it is appropriate to promote hate against another group.

  8. Unfortunately, and I’m certain I’ll be accused of a statement of hatred when I say …it’s a sadly confused religion that not only promotes violence to proselytize, but also offers 72 virgins…”girls or boys”, as a reward in heaven for martyrdom, as long as you take out at least one innocent infidel with you. But, I don’t say it in hatred, I say it in hopes some will see the ere of their ways.

  9. There are so many other things to involve oneself in…why does hatred have to be the motivating factor? Maybe trying a little more understanding and compassion. I read somewhere that we should love the ones we love the least because they need it the most.

  10. Tod, i believe , let people get on with their lives and how they want their life style, as long as it does not involve me

  11. I’m a servant of the living God and the new covenant given to believers is the sin sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Jesus, who spoke on behalf of God, gave those who wanted to serve, worship and be servants of God, a simple new commandment; ‘love others as I have loved you’. That’s everyone. God calls all human beings to follow Jesus’s example and be loving, caring, thoughtful and kind towards all human beings. Self appointed, self righteous people, from whatever religion, who pass judgement on the people around them, on God’s behalf, are missing the point. God calls people who follow him to love and be merciful towards all human beings; judgement belongs to God alone. Anyone who claims to serve God’s purpose and incites hatred on any grounds isn’t a servant of God; they are acolytes of organised religions, which ultimately have little connection with God. As I believe in a guiding mind God or Intelligent designer, DNA and the varied results it produces by way of selection are part of God’s plan and project, including homosexuality. As God, when He fired the spark into the tiny and super heavy ball of matter from which our universe came, knew that the mathematical chances of this perfect planet and its preconditions for life emerging somewhere in the universe were 1, also set DNA in motion as the process of evolutionary progress for life He also allowed the selective, selfish gene, to produce a variety of humans, including homosexuals. Therefore any ‘religious group, that claims any group of humans, such as homosexuals, should be eradicated is ultimately ignoring the eternal greater wisdom of God. These people who promote hate have no right to speak on behalf of God. It is laughable also that they try to defend God. God is, from my studies and experiences, an extraordinary being of immense power and intellect. Additionally these self appointed hate mongers should be careful what they do and say as so called believers because God is also a wrathful and vengeful being with whom no believer should tangle. As for non believers they are allowed to do pretty much what they like, within the law and accroding to human moral decency, which would for me preclude promoting hatred.

  12. Richard, thank you for your comment, from what i get out of it, we agree.
    Let people live their lives as they wish, it is the homosexuals gene / dna make-up, they should not be threatened or killed for it.
    Some people believe that they can turn homosexuals, because they do not believe it is in the genes/ dna

  13. We have had so much hate speech in this country.
    Starting with Nelson Mandela’s ex wife Winnie who called for people to be necklaced with burning tyres.
    And it happened.
    Thank heavens when it happens now people end up in court.

  14. I’m glad these people have been jailed. Unlike the muppet who posted stickers around Tower Hamlets declaring it a gay-free zone (like he’s the voice of Tower Hamlets, the tool) and got a £100 fine for his trouble. Yeah, really scary punishment. That’s going to stop him doing it again, isn’t it?

    You’re consistent in your ‘bashing’ and I applaud it. We need to grab these snakes out of the shadows by the neck and give them a good shake. And while we’re at it, we should look at ourselves and make sure any prejudices we have are challenged, so we don’t end up resorting to stupidness like this.

  15. Pie, thank you, £100 fine, British justice at its worst as usual.

    I’ll bash any-one, their colour, religion, or other wise makes no difference.

    I don’t see many people bashing the paedophile in the American school where he worked as a coach, only one blog is doing it and that’s ” balladeers blog ” the parents of the children involved are getting bashed by members of the community for complaining to the police.

  16. It is no longer fashionable to stand against wrongs which I find almost…actually sometimes sadder than the crimes themselves. What happened to the human spirit that we protect the guilty and watch as the innocent are persecuted ??


  18. I hope the gay guys in Jail have lots of fun with them a**holes

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