pensioners photos




45 responses to “pensioners photos

  1. Hilarious, you better watch it. Don’t you dare make the missus mad or she’ll be using your toothbrush! LOL

    BTW thanks to you I finally got that badge on my page, yeah!

  2. Hahaha!!! Those are great!!! Love the last one especially!

  3. Those last two may have been ‘photoshopped’. What gave it away was that old people don’t belong in picturesque backgrounds, but in depressed scenes. It’s well known they can’t travel far beyond their small, poorly heated apartments and enjoy the countryside like us decent, normal people.

  4. theuglymoose , thanks for your visit and please call back, i don’t have a clue how its done, i only know they are not real 🙂

  5. V funny Harry. I like the toothbrush one 😆

  6. theuglymoose, i read your comment again, it’s a pity about us oldies sitting in our lonely rooms no-one to talk to.
    WE have never been to France,Spain,Portugal,Germany, on holidays for the last 30 years, we only lived it in our sad old twilight world.;LOL;

  7. Hahah! Those are perfect. I need to remember the last one. Lots of good comebacks! Good laughs!

  8. Hi, this is your Moslem/ Jewish/ Gypsy friend from a while back speaking 🙂 Your blog is awesome, just that you know … no need to sit in your lonely no one to talk to room … ever … you are loved by many, D. … we are in this together … Always, cat.

  9. Hello my Moslem/ Jewish/ Gypsy friend, i love the mixture 🙂

    thanks for your kind words 🙂 but that was my little bit of sarcastic humour for theuglymoose.

  10. What did you call me? Oh, here I just came by to sing you my latest hit single..

  11. Used to think those old folks jokes were about other people…..old folks….now I am starting to realize that they are about folks who are pretty close to my age! 🙂

  12. Hehehehe…you are a funny old man !

  13. Love that last one Harry,

    I haven’t finished doing nothing either!!!


  14. 🙂 Hi Harry, thanks for the laugh 🙂

  15. I am feeling crap today Harry but suddenly there is a pocket of joy!! – Thank you


  16. saarimner, happy you enjoyed them.

  17. Omg, I had a good laugh here!
    Really great post, thank you! 😀

    ~ Sirenia ~

  18. Timeless humor. Milton Burle or Jack Benny would be proud of you Harry! 🙂

  19. Lorna, to be classed in the same bracket , that’s great 🙂

  20. Very, very funny. I like the first and the last especially.

  21. Priceless, absolutely priceless. I may never clean my teeth again.

  22. Brilliant! Love all, especially the water on the knee one – so that’s why hubby has strange wet patches there!

    Anna :o]

  23. Muhammad, thanks for your visit please call back.

  24. Hello, I write a nesletter for frozan expat pensioners, I love your pensioner jokes, could I use them in my newsletter to try and brighten their lonely lives. I will of course give the credit to you.

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