Anxiety, Nerves and Panic.

If you suffer from Anxiety, Nerves and Panic Attacks, these leaflets may be of some help to you. You can download or print them off for your self or for a friend.

If you want to re-blog or share them on other sites you are welcome to do so.

They can be read by clicking, but there are ten A4 sheets, so that makes it a long post to read through.

Would you please let me know if you think this is a helpful post.

24 responses to “Anxiety, Nerves and Panic.

  1. The only thing that’s missing is a picture of me! I suffer from panic attacks when I’m in an overly stimulating environment or overly stressed. I’m just a super-highly sensitive person, I guess…

    Good Info, Harry. Thanks!

  2. I like this a lot.. Definitely one for saving and reminding myself of!
    Thank you Sir.

  3. Very helpful..I get all three when doing public speaking or talking face to face with people i just met so info will come in handy. Thanks Harry.

  4. I think this will be very helpful to a lot of people. I’m a mental health counselor so I know the value of having information like this available. Most everyone, MYSELF INCLUDED, goes through periods of anxiety.
    I like the way it’s written – very easy to understand.

    • GL, i thought it was very easy as well, i never have and never will suffer from bad nerves.
      Its my metal attitude i think, because i let nothing or any-one bother or trouble me, i am so laid back and relaxed all the time.
      But i guess i’m lucky.

  5. Are you trying to turn me into a hypochondriac, Harry? I feel a little dizzy after reading all those symptoms….
    Oh wait, I was reading the side effects of my medication…”Do Not Operate Computer While Taking This Medication, May Cause Dizziness) That splains it…
    Bless You

  6. That is exactly what it is like to be me. Every single day. I have been making a little progress by recognizing that I have these issues and trying to break the cycle of thinking. It actually has helped. Living with anxiety daily is horrible. Great information. You nailed it.

  7. I suffered from panic attacks a few years ago, I know how overwhelming panic and anxiety can be. Great info.
    God is good and I have been healed.

  8. Hey Harry, The Dark Globe February Shoot Off! Photograph Competition has Officially Begun, be sure to let any Photographers you know, know about the Competition

    See you in the Trenchs, lol


  9. You are very lucky Harry not to suffer any of this.

    I suffered from all of it for many years and thought I was a weak person who couldn’t “do” life. And I am very familiar with all these pages, which, although helpful, are very difficult to keep a grasp of when you are in the throes of it all.

    Eventually it was discovered I had an under-active thyroid gland. I have been on Thyroxine since then and the anxiety and panic have gone.

    So, although I think attitude has a great place here and can do a lot to ward off these awful things it is by no means the whole story.

    Thanks for this interesting post Harry – I hope it helps other people; I’m sure it will.


  10. I have panic attacks when I am in crowded places or when dogs run up to me.

  11. like everyone else, some of this was most familiar to me too, Harry… thanks so much for such a wonderful resource. Also, I suggest going on over to for info and community on many many issues of mental health. The site is run by Aunt Becky from and is chock full of posts and open for contributions on any of the many subjects. I was just there the other day and found something that was surprising but exactly what I needed to know/hear. Thanks again, Harry for thinking of others as you journey along your path of life. I for one, am happy you’re around and I’ve found you!!!!

  12. Great and important post that stays objective. I think there are so many in the modern society that struggles with these “pains” and many people doesn’t take any steps to resolve it.

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