I have won £1 million on the lottery

Great news, i am one of sixteen people who are in the final draw for one million pounds lottery win.

The letter arrived on Saturday morning and we have been over the moon ever since. So we are in the draw but its another thing to see if we are picked as winners.

It came from a Mr. Antonio. Anderson. foreign operations manager of the European Lottery Guild, and he operates from Spain.

So all we have to do now is fill in the form to claim the prize and fax it to a number, funny there’s no address.

They said they got my address because i play the European lottery some times.

Here is a photo of the form for you all to read, just click it to expand the photo.

You can read all about the guild at this link  European Lottery Guild

Now all i have to do is fill in how i want it paid and i think they will come back about all the details.

So wish us luck folks.


27 responses to “I have won £1 million on the lottery

  1. Just don’t pre-spend it all in one place, Harry! 😉

  2. Hmmmmmmmm….sounds like the Nigerian scam…if they ask for any money…don’t pay!!!!

  3. Be extra careful. Sometimes these things are a scam. Hopefully this is something real but just proceed with caution and don’t send them any money.
    Lots of people here in the states get tricked.

    Hoping for the best!
    Good luck!

  4. You were always my favorite blogger 😉 Do you have a will?

  5. Why don’t you let me claim it for you. That way if it is a scam you will be safe. After all, you know you can trust me (evil laugh)

  6. Excellent, you can pay off my overdraft 🙂

  7. What, no address? Unbelievable!! (lol!!!!)
    It’s amazing (and sad) that there are people who actually fall for these scams. 😉
    Wishing you the real thing, next time!

  8. Can I also put in a request for being…
    1. included in any will
    2. given some payment for my overdraft

  9. Can I borrow a few grand, Harry? I’ll pay you back the 32nd of this month. Or, at least…by the next time I see you…Heh
    bless you

  10. Sounds like a scam to me Harry

    Be careful


  11. Lucky you! Love your dribbles!

  12. Tell me, do you believe in fairies as well?

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