Drone Pilots at work

This is a video of two drone pilots going through the procedure, tracking a car etc, before launching a missile to take the car and people out.

The University of North Dakota, graduated it’s first controllers this spring.

Three of the weapons and guidance system on the drones are products of Raytheon, it carries 6 bombs and two missiles, and you all know that the drone technology absolutely scares the crap out of the Taliban & Al Qaeda.

READ this before watching the video.

For non-pilots, these controllers are in Nevada and are each flying their own drone thousands of miles away in the combat zone in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Their left hand is on the throttle controlling the drone’s engine. Note all the buttons which perform various tasks without removing the hand from the throttle.

The right hand is flying the plane.

This is modern warfare. The headline was : ‘Missiles fired from a Nevada controlled drone aircraft kill Taliban leader’ Watch how it’s done.

Turn the speakers on & watch in full screen.


25 responses to “Drone Pilots at work

  1. Without leaving the comfort of your home… (that phrase came to mind). War always was stupid, and this is even more so. But very convenient?
    Thanks for posting 🙂

  2. I don’t know what to say. I guess I’d rather see Taliban hit than see more coffins coming home here, but at the same time this is scary. Pretty soon they (we) will be able to destroy whole cities this way. Maybe they already can. Next it will be continents, maybe planets. Shades of Star Wars!

  3. Yes, Harry, I know that. I’ve heard of Hiroshima. I meant with the drone and laser guided technology. Yes, I also realize they hit that truck with some conventional bomb, but I’m thinking along the lines of a lazer beam — like the death star used in Star Wars.

  4. Very interesting. While I can see the efficiency of it, it still frightens me. It’s takes the humanity out of the equation. “This is the target. Destroy it. Trust me. He’s a bad guy.”

  5. Remember, every person that’s killed has a mother, a father, maybe children, friends and so on. Guns and bombs doesn’t know if they will hit the right person or not. Every innocent victim is a tragedy; a universe lost.

  6. saarimner, that’s true as they don’t know who is in the car, unless they have people on the ground or spy camera’s.

  7. Wow – doesn’t surprise me though. America is all about bombing everyone and everything into submission who don’t follow their lofty and of course completely honourable way of thinking. Sorry Harry for the rant, but I did a paper on America and media when I went back to uni and it scared the crap out of me. In 2005 they had either ousted through direct intervention or through covert working the governments of over 74 countries (a good deal of these people they aided in coming to power in the first place – but America got a little pissed when these same governments no longer liked playing muppets with them). The arrogance of it is astounding. Don’t like the way another country is run – invade. Another country has oil for the taking – invade. Can’t convince the people to agree to go to war – blow up the World Trade Centre and blame it on someone else…
    Sorry America is a sore point with me at the moment – they are responsible for coercing our government into bringing in a bill regading the internet, that other countries have all ran screaming from, by using the threat of cutting off trade and a little monetary bribery as well.

  8. Forgot to mention those 74 countries had ALL happened since the end of World War II…

  9. Jo, i agree totally with what you said, America would like to rule the complete globe, with no thought for human life or human rights.
    We can see already how they are trying to rule the web and its content, not allow anyone to copy or copy and paste any-thing.
    You can be extradited for that if your country allows it, sadly Britain has no back bone and are sending people to the states for trail, its wrong.

  10. I am on a real grrrrrrrrrrr America stage at the moment. They are also pushing for us to put through another bill which our government is trying to slip in during the holiday season to regulate our food sales – it actually makes it illegal for someone like me to sell or give friends seeds from my garden…big companies like Monsantano are behind it as well as the American government pushing for it. It willl allow food officers to be appointed by these companies (unbelievable but true), to raid premises without a warrant and to carry firearms. Not even our police carry firearms. And the internet bill – don’t get me started. It goes after the little guy who may download a movie every now and again – doesn’t stop the big pirates, as they just disguise their IP addresses – and what is the worst of THAT bill. You are guilty until YOU prove your innocence – it goes against everything that our legal system stands for. America wanted to try it out – other governments (yours, canada, some European countries) all cried foul and said no – but with trade sanction threats, and a $500,000.00 (what’s that these days ??) they got our IDIOT politicians to agree – they snuck this one through without any consultation with the NZ people.

  11. A good rant is fine i do it some times 🙂
    This is what is wrong new laws are slipped in without the people knowing and then its to late. The only way is change the Gov; to get the law taken out.
    Big companies run America not the Gov; know they are trying to do it in other countries, but i don’t think this will ever happen in Britain.

  12. I think if America imposed trade sanctions on all countries, they would be on their knees, i would love to see them try it.

  13. This is all too scary!!!

  14. That’s the last time I fly in one of your drones, Harry, the girl in the video sneezed and crashed me into the “Dead Sea”..

  15. No Marcia, that’s not scary..scary is Irans response of sending the December 2011 crashed drone back to the U.S. Along with maybe 3 or 4 more of their personal; Armed Cloned Drones…Heh…crazy world we live in.

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