Dead Blogger

Last night i had a dream that a Blogger friend was dead. We would visit each others blogs very often and comment.

I can remember who it was, but i’m not going to say ๐Ÿ™‚

So i ย was sitting writing a post, ย i thought what happens to my blog when i’m dead.

Yes ladies, men can do two things at once.

When i’m dead no-one on the web or WordPress, subscribers or visitors will know, also the 6 forums i belong to no-one will know either.

My blog will sit dormant for all time, with no-one posting or answering comments, and as time goes by it will be read by fewer people and will more than likely will finish up with no readers at all.

All my posts and comments on my blog and others over that time will always remain, until the web is taken down.

At least if it is ever clicked it won’t say, ” this blog is no longer available “.

So what do you do about it, ask someone who is a blogger to carry on with it and keep it alive, ask a friend or family member to take it on, i don’t know about that because no-one knows i have it.

Not that i plan to die soon, well i might. It’s just a thought and i was wondering did any-one else ever think the same thing.

At the end of the day, we are all trying our best to write posts for our blogs to get hits and subscribers, to make it bigger and better.

And then you pop your cork and all’s lost, not that i’ll be worried because i’ll be dead ๐Ÿ™‚

Have you ever thought about this, what would you think of doing, if anything at all.


56 responses to “Dead Blogger

  1. Do you know this very thing crossed my mind recently. A blog I followed just stopped, and it seemed very odd as the blogger usually posted every day. Now nothing, and no explanation and it has left me thinking all sorts of things – what on earth can have happened. I wouldn’t want my blog to just ‘end’ there. Maybe us bloggers should write our ‘last post’ and store it with our will with instructions to posting it. Its a bit creepy to think about it though – or maybe a sort of universal blog needs to be set up, you know a kind of ‘deadbloggerwriting’ where your nearest and dearest can post your last blog – at least that way our blogging buddies get to find out. Just a thought.

  2. Believe it or not, I had thought about this before. I have written some things I would want my children and grandchildren to see or have some day – I don’t think they read the blogs now and not even sure they would want to – but some day when I am gone they may get something out of reading my stuff.

    My husband does read my blog, but doesn’t know how to access it – so he wouldn’t be much help unless I left passwords and such. I did see a post on Facebook for a friend who had passed away – his wife posted a status that explained everything.

    I don’t think it is morbid to think about things like that – we are in a technological world – one where boxes of letters or journals are less likely to be found by our families after we are gone.

  3. I have thought about that many times – including what would happen to my facebook account. Solution – give someone you know and trust (a family member?) your password and login – and if something happens to you, they would have your advance permission to post an announcement that the blog will remain active, but as a memorial, perhaps. Or they could close the account at their discretion, under whatever circumstances that you set up in advance. Now that you bring this up, I’m going to write this out and put it in with my will! (And I agree with the above commenter – it’s never morbid to think of such things, or to plan ahead. I’m at that age too……)

  4. I guess Andrew would sort out all my electronic stuff as he does that kind of stuff for a living and knows how to access all my stuff online. Bt it is an interesting point and one I had thought about regarding my journals… Since becoming a published writer I have found some interest in me as a person a little odd. Nothing I can put my finger on but it feels weird sometimes, People writing to ask to be characters in the novels and other weird stuff, saying they love me and whatnot and they don’t know me… I thought about my journals and imagine people like that would love to read that sort of thing. I have protected my diaries and left instructions for what I want done with them as I know people may be hurt by what I have written. Your post has made me re-think the online stuff now. Thanks for an interesting post harry.

  5. I like this post a lot because I was getting kind of sad until you hit me with the next to last line – “And then you pop your cork and allโ€™s lost, not that iโ€™ll be worried because iโ€™ll be dead.” – and then I just couldn’t stop laughing. Cheers!

  6. Hey Harry, have thought about it aswell. So I have written my password and all the details they need down to write the post in an envelope marked ‘if I die’. Not being morbid just belong to several sites and want to make sure everything in done how I want it done.

  7. Excellent blog … I think we have all thought these thoughts, Mr. D …Got to have you here with us … still … your devoted reader cat (and yes, my family is Jewish and Muslim .. but mainly Roma … ๐Ÿ™‚ and, yes, we are just human beings … good and bad … like everybody else … Love, cat.

    • Glad you are still reading the posts Cat, i thought i had lost you.
      Its just the few bad people who tarnish the good name of good people , we had the same problem here in Northern Ireland for years , with the scum of the earth from the IRA / UVF etc.

  8. I always assume when blogs just lay dormant that the Blogger has died. There’s quite a few blogs that no longer post and I hope something has happened to them because how much of a twat are they to just stop Blogging and disappear without giving loyal readers a reason? So if you don’t blog for more than a two month period, ill assume you’ve died and ill mourn you. ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. Cheer up you miserable bugger! Only joking Harry, you know me ๐Ÿ˜‰ This was a very thought-provoking post, hope it wasn’t me that was in your dream but must confess to having some weird dreams myself lately! When I go to Heaven (and I’m in no rush) my blog goes with me and everything else I write. I pity the poor person who finds my secret writing, they will run out of nouns to describe me ;-D and gone will be the pure and angelic picture they used to hold in their mind….

  10. Marcia, but your writing will always be on the web no matter what you do.
    You have not posted in a while, what’s wrong, sore fingers ๐Ÿ˜†

  11. Good Morning my fellow dribbler. enjoys your blog.
    I am a recently certified blogaholic and get my fix at the most untimely of hours (as you can see from this post)
    Keep writing and Mecannylad will keep reading,
    Keep reading and Mecannylad will keep writing.
    Congratulations on a compulsive blog.
    Regards from Mecannylad

  12. I’m sure the government has been trying to shut down this site for months. Once your dead, it will be a lot easier and the blog will disappear quickly. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I have thought about this. I have some Facebook friends who have died and yet their profiles continue to live on. I hope you and I are both writing for a long time to come!

  14. I have thought about it a few times and have decided not to do anything about it. When I die my blogs will just stand still, never to be updated again (unless they get hacked) and people can draw their own conclusions as to why.

  15. You raise a good point. I, like many who’ve already commented, have thought about this. I think the best idea is to leave instructions in your final instructions (will or whatever) to access your email where you will have written an email saved in your draft folder ready to send to a fellow blogger with whom you are close. Have that blogger post an announcement you wrote or let him/her do something on your behalf–depending on how much you trust the bugger.

    I believe in planning ahead. And we have developed a community of support here that we must think about. It would be kind of selfish not to. But even if we didn’t, the sun will still rise tomorrow.

  16. i’ve also thought about this, Harry. some good ideas to consider. I don’t want to be a ghost on the net, forever floating out there in the virtual world. I’d prefer my blogs be taken down.

  17. Lyn, that is about the only thing left to do.

  18. I’m with everyone else. Write a draft, save it, and leave instructions for the final posting. Although, you’d have to update it from time to time. Who knows how long you’ll be alive and kicking?

    I’m dying to know which blogger was dead with you. Morbid, I know, but I’m curious, nonetheless.

  19. Harry, love that you are blogging in your dreams, or rather dreaming about blogging! I could write a last blog and testament, but, because I won’t be around they won’t know where to find it.

  20. I rather hope I’ll have the sense (and sense of timing) to delete my blog before my departure. My aim is to leave no tracks.

    • Nick you could do that but you will still be floating about the web ๐Ÿ™‚

      • No, I wouldn’t; only my name would and that’s not me, it’s just a label. (Come to think of it, that’s largelywhat a blog is anyway – it’s just a label that we write ourselves to tell other people something of what we think we are.)

  21. I haven’t blogged for a few days?
    Did you think I had kicked the bucket?
    Cindy set up my site for me…I am sure she still has my password…no wait….we had to change them…oh…now I will have to give this some thought.

  22. One Button Mouse

    Love the idea of a Dead Bloggers Society…. sound like someone could make a film out of it. Hmmm

  23. I think if I am dead, like in 2060, ๐Ÿ™‚ my blog will just linger for a bit till it is gone, due to technicalities. It doesn’t worry me. I don’t think I will take my laptop with me in the grave ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. My family knows about my blog, my daughter is a blogger too, and I have left my password in a file folder so that the executor of my estate can find it. My family will decide what to do with my blog, assuming I am still blogging when I check out!

  25. Margie, thats a good idea, i might leave all my passwords etc in a doc.

  26. I wouldn’t worry too much about it Harry;
    This Guy Will Probably keep you propped up, and the blog current to draw your pension. โ˜บ

    I can see it now: โ˜ป

    Actually, you made me search your blog all the way back to September to find that link to you in your chair blogging at night…
    But, it was worth it, as I did a lot of catching up…And, discovered you had given me a โ™ฅ Reader Appreciation Award โ™ฅ..which was really nice of you. Thanks Again…

    Oh, and I wouldn’t worry about getting any “Dead Blogger Award” anytime soon. You seem to have plenty of gas left in the tank to me. โ˜ผBlezzโ˜ผzzzzzzzzzzz You

  27. Paul, that’s me in the photo ๐Ÿ™‚ you must be well behind with all the emails sent to you over xmas?

  28. Oh, I know it is you…that’s how I found the Award you granted me…by searching back through all your archives to find…the little behind scratcher…Heh, I could never forget that blog post…
    Bless you

  29. It certainly is a thought. As far as my blog goes, I do it mostly for myself, rather than for others. but it did get me thinking about my online diary. I don’t have many internet-only friends, but there are some. But upon reading some of the comments down here as well, it occurred to me that it might be an interesting read for my descendants. Particularly in their teenage years, I’m sure. I will have to give thought to what I would do. I think I like the will idea. Granted, I don’t have one, as I’m still young, but perhaps when I get older I will include it.

  30. Toes first, thank you for visiting and please call back. Everyone seems to be in favour of doing some thing about it.

  31. Just located your blog via frizztext and was reading through enjoying it when I came to this post. I had this very thing happen towards the end of last year..A dear online friend, said goodnight to me. Posted the HOBO’s LULLABY for me as he did of an evening and then never returned. He had died during the night. It was a very odd experience.
    Now, I shall get back to reading yr posts. Many thanks.

  32. nellibell49 , i read the post and it seems you made an on line friend, so you have your memories, it just shows that my post was true.

    Thanks for calling in and please call back.

  33. I’m thinking I will leave my password to my very best friend and tell her to go in and publish all my drafts… those things I thought it best not to say after all… hey, there are no rules that say you can’t laugh from Heaven. Sarcasm must be allowed up there too! (At least it better be.)

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