Poem: Snow Flakes

Poem: Snow Flakes.

Unheard, quietly, silently.

Crystals of white.

They started to fall.

Slowly at first.

But ever-increasing.

It was so much now.

We could say it was snowing.

It started to form.

A carpet of white.

Reflecting the moonlight.

So clean and so bright.

But along came mankind.

Foot prints all around.

Car tracks every where.

The gritter spreading its load.

People out using salt.

Also clearing the snow.

Snow flakes are melting.

Soon the carpet was gone.

It might happen again.

But there’s always next year.

26 responses to “Poem: Snow Flakes

  1. How touching! It makes me sad, and I hate snow! Yet I get your meaning. We humans are such destroyers of beauty.

  2. Lyn, thank you, it makes me feel great you got what i was trying to say.

  3. I just have to tell you, my free day day for Six Cats is still going great guns, with about 400 copies downloaded between the US and UK sites so far today. I’m in hope paid sales will also do well tomorrow.

  4. Lyn i seen that and left a comment, i hope you are able to retire with the proceeds from the sales.

  5. Oh, I love snow poems – and snow! Too bad we humans have to ruin it with our sand and salt. (We haven’t had any here yet this year, but hoping for some in the next few days. It’s always so lovely, those “crystals of white” falling so silently. 🙂

  6. Betty thanks for commenting, i don’t you get much this year, the worlds upside down.

  7. I love snow and how magical it makes a place look – also how it pulls a community together and makes people actually talk to one another! Not had any white stuff yet this winter… Nice poem, thoughtful and reflective.

  8. You’re poetry’s getting better and better. I agree with how snow is quickly ruined. I remember as a kid how snow would remain pristine for days. Now, a few hours later it’s dirty. I sometimes hope for more snow to cover up the mess.

  9. Hi Harry
    This poem is a lovely flake! 🙂 We have had no snow this WInter yet, but Winter is not over. Enjoy it when it falls!

  10. No snow so far this year Harry, but I remain hopeful.
    I love what it does to my landscape before people interfere.


  11. Hey Harry, be sure to Sign up for The Dark Globe Forum http://thedarkglobe.forumotion.com/


  12. Yeah, we get so little snow here where I am, I can’t wait to get out in it…but, so dread to be the first to track up it’s Majesty.
    Bless You

  13. Once again I am reminded how glad I am we don’t get snow.
    Love the poem.

  14. i have never seen snow.. but after reading your poem i felt i actually witnessed it..

  15. Blink , thank you that’s very nice, maybe some day you will walk in it.

  16. Nice! We get snow all the time. I use to enjoy it when I was young but now it’s a bit of a grind. Back breaking, etc. Last year we had a blizzard. The snow was up past the doors! I couldn’t get out of my house for a couple days!

  17. A Gripping Life, thanks for your visit and subscribing i’ll be at your site soon. The snow sounds bad being that high.

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