Ultra-Orthodox Jews

The Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel are trying to bring about enforced segregation between the sexes, under their own strict laws.

Beit Shemesh - outside school

Their wives and children have separate lives away from the rest of the Jewish community, and are rarely seen outside. The men do the shopping for the all the family needs.

The photo above shows the wives and children being ” taken ” under escort to the synagogue unable to mix with other people.

They want separate seating areas for woman on buses and else where, woman will not be allowed to sing in public and they must dress modestly.

Also, all photos of woman in shops, advertisements and in buildings open to the public must be taken down.

Some soldiers even refused to remain at a performance by female singers.

Young school girls have been shouted by the Ultra-Orthodox Jews for going to school, woman have been attacked and spat on for walking out side and being on a bus or other transport.

Does this remind you of another BARBARIC  religion who dominate the woman, namely, Islam / Muslim / Sharia / religions.

Photos from BBC News.
More information at  Link one
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Links above are from the BBC News

The end of the school day at the Orot Girl’s Elementary ought to be an oasis of peace in the family day – a chance for mothers and daughters to chat over teachers and lessons and who-said-what-to-whom.

As the children and their mothers make their way home, intimidating pickets of ultra-orthodox Jewish men have been waiting for them a little way up the street – some, say the families, have thrown stones and tomatoes and faeces as they have tried to pass.

Ultra-orthodox protesters say the school children are “defiling” their neighbourhood.

At the peak of the protests the scenes were shocking and intimidating, with a baying cacophony of shouted insults reaching a climax as the small family groups tried to find a way along the pavement.

But from the beginning of the current term a grim and disturbing drama has been played out instead in the busy street outside the school gates in the Israeli town of Beit Shemesh.

This sect is growing so fast that its said, in about 50 years they could be in power and then were would Israel be with the rest of the world.

32 responses to “Ultra-Orthodox Jews

  1. You are not Jewish, are you? You are not Muslim, are you? You are not Gypsy, are you? You are not “coloured”, are you? Well, I am all of them …Who are you, Mr.D? Love and Peace, always, cat.

  2. Interesting post and another example of religious intolerence.
    What happened to womens rights? It gets to me that men think they have the divine right to treat women like shite 😦 in the name of religion. They are nothing more than pigging bullies!

  3. I’d be a rubbish Jew, can’t grow facial hair for shit.

  4. This is really sad.

  5. Harry, I am married to a Muslim and there is no barbaric anything in our home! Please remember that only a few “members” of any religion are extremists!

    The Spanish Inquisition was pretty extreme. Galileo anyone? Witches of Salem?

    That said, this is bloody ridiculous! But not all Jews are like this either!

    • Robyn, i agree with you.
      It is the extremists / Ultras in every religion that cause trouble, i only know one Muslim ( very few here ) and he is such a nice man.
      And all around the world as time goes on it will get worse.

  6. “Ultra” anything denotes the extreme end of the spectrum. You can add the “ultra” Christians to the same pile. They also say the bible states that the men shall rule the wife. Every section of society has their nut cases. Good thought provoking post!

  7. Interesting post DP – diversity is one thing but this evolving situation makes very disturbing reading.

  8. Student thank you and it is disturbing for the future.

  9. Good post DP…for a long time now I have been working on what I believe, and the more I delve into it the scarier religion gets because of the extremes it gets taken to. I sometimes, no I always think now that John Lennon had it right when he wrote ‘Imagine’…

    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people living life in peace
    yep – I think he had it right with these lines…

  10. The extreme position in any religion or political ideology is, in my opinion, always dangerous. It leaves no room for change or compromise. I am always more comfortable in the middle ground.

  11. Having lived in Israel and being Jewish myself, albeit it a liberal Jew and somewhat lapse, I have to say that this piece is highly exaggerated. These extremist Jews have been in this area for years. It is nothing new and has been going on since I lived there. They will not take over the country. They rarely mix with other Israeli’s anyway. Mea Shearim has been this way for ever pretty much. Most things coming out of Israel is propaganda. The only truth is that Israel is illegally occupying the West Bank and we would be well to focus on this injustice if we can. I have written many articles on the subject which can be found online.
    Interesting post for discussion.

  12. Fanatics in anything are dangerous as they aren’t open to anything new or any differing opinion.

  13. Anything extreme seems ignorant and dangerous. I believe the American constitution says it very well, “All men are created equal… Endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, among them, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…” It wouldn’t seem like those women/girls were being allowed to pursue happiness? (…just taking this all at face value.)

  14. They and others like them are being held back in life.

  15. The Ultra Orthodox do not represent mainstream Judaism. The extreme behavior you described is in Israel which is the only true democracy in the middle east and as such, all are allowed freedom of expression. It is also a small minority of all Jews worldwide, but large enough to have political impact in Israel.

    The one truth that you will find is that almost every Jew will have an opinion on this, Israel, peace in the middle east, American politics and just about anything else they can have an opinion on. Jews are thinkers and express what they are thinking. Sometimes in limericks. Civilization sprung from this and exists from it.

    • I agree with and understand everything you said. I was just pointing out how they behave and live. i have two Jewish friends and they are deeeep thinkers 🙂

  16. you have more than two, my friend

  17. There has been more wars ,deaths ,trouble in the world in the name of religion, thank god I am an atheist !

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