Poem: A Home

Poem: A Home.

A lot of bricks and blocks.

Water, sand and cement.

Men and their skills.

And the passage of time.

This is what you need.

To build a house.

But it takes a family.

To make it a home.

33 responses to “Poem: A Home

  1. True my friend. Lovely poem.

  2. Nice extension/variation on the old adage. Well done!

  3. konica, thanks for that and for your visit, please call back again.

  4. Very nice, Harry. I enjoyed it.

  5. This was lovely to read Harry,

  6. Lovely poem Harry.


  7. True and beautiful poem!

  8. A lovely neat and tidy poem, (unlike our home); cleverly written too. Lovely.

  9. Richard, thanks for saying so and also for your visit please call back again.

  10. Amen to that, Harry…thought for a minute you were going all Free-Mason on me.
    What’s up with that crazy Dark Globe award…last I saw said ” Only can be one” and you were clearly the one…I guess it’s who ya know…lol

    • Paul, the other two winners are great writers.

      • I agree, they are great writers. So, why are they sharing your lil spot on the dark side of the moon, instead of the “Writers” category? LOL, I was just a little shocked to see darkjade go from writing an article about the award, titled, “There can only be one”, and then give out three in a category. Personally, I hope to see the categories broadened for next year. As it’s called Art Awards…I hope to see maybe, Poets, Artist, News and Current Events…etc,.. But, I’m just happy you did win in your category. Or, at least, I think you did.
        Bless You

  11. Hmmmmm….I think it takes a dog and a cat!!!

  12. I have southern U.S. cats,..They say Me-Yaw come back now, ya hear…I think Harry’s Meow is worse than his bark… so, they just decided to give his award out three ways…

  13. wow…that’s nice and i enjoyed reading it……… *smie* ……

  14. This is a lovely poem and a reminder that a house is not a home – it is the people within.

  15. PIP, it’s the people that make it as you said.

  16. simple and true… nice piece.

  17. Paul, this was the first year and i think Darkjade is going to expand and make changes next year, but everyone is happy they are winners.

  18. Nice poem and very true – I make the house a home and the men here just mess it up!!

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