Award Finalist

I have been nominated as a finalist for an award at the Dark Globe blog and there are 4 others in my section Blogger of the Year. The five blogs are as follows.

Blogger of the Year Final Nominees;

1) Lorna’s Voice

2) dribblingpensioner

3) This Time – This Space

4) Evolution of Insanity

5) Love is the Answer

The blogs in this section are all very good and it will be very hard to pick a winner, and i can only vote in the other award sections.

So if you would like to take time and go to the link above to vote.

You can start voting to-morrow the 21st up to the 31st , and to any-one who votes for me thank you very much.

To vote for me please CLICK HERE

The rules for voting

The Way the Voting will work is, Each Blogger may Vote for One Nominee from each Category.
No Multiple Voting from anyone, for any specific Nominee.
One Vote Per Category is all you get.
Nominees May Vote for the Other Two Categories that they’re not in.
All Votes Need to be Posted at the link above.

So folks get voting to-morrow at the link above, you can see that i’m one of five, and i’m up against very good blogs.

And again thank you for the support you give me.


56 responses to “Award Finalist

  1. Congrats, Harry! I’m glad we can’t vote in our own category, aren’t you? I’m honored to be among such great company! 🙂

  2. Congratulations! Best of luck.

  3. This is a Very Classy Post Harry

    Good Luck to you


  4. Congrats Harry and good luck!

  5. I feel so honored and somewhat embrassed that my personal blog was nominated. It’s a humble blog with few followers. My thanks to whoever nominated it.

  6. Congratulations! Good luck to you and Timethief–both very worthy of the honor. Now how am I supposed to choose between you? Ach.

  7. Congratulations Harry and good luck!

  8. I will vote for you 🙂

  9. Congratulations, Harry! One note: it’s not clear to me *how* you vote on the site. Do you just leave a comment with your vote? Sorry if I’m being dense 🙂

  10. I have altered the post and added a ” VOTE FOR ME HERE ” link to make it easy for people to vote.

  11. Hey Dribb, just a Dark Globe’s Outstanding Artist Awards Update with some Info. for Finalists like yourself

    Good Luck once again


  12. Happy Holidays Harry!

  13. Wish you the best of luck!!

  14. You certainly have my vote. I voted early and often. 😉

  15. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    I’ve never heard of this award – how interesting. I only started wordpress last August but I noticed there’s these awards that go around & around & around. Sure I’ll vote for you! Just because I happened past. Good luck 🙂

  16. WordsFallFromMyEyes, thank you very much for your vote, there are dozens of awards out there 🙂

  17. I voted for Harry as King of the Bloggerhood.
    Here’s my post.
    Great stuff to have to make a final choice on, .. But;.. The proof is in the pudding. Except for in Harry’s case and the proof there is in the dribble.

    Photographer=#2-La Plume Noire

    Writer = #4- Kate Shrewsday

    Blogger= #2 Driblingpensioner
    Have a great new year Harry.

  18. Thanks Paul for voting. And the same to you and yours.

  19. You’re very welcome and deserving of the nomination. Wish I had known sooner, as I just posted a little advertising for you as my latest post. One thing is good though, seeing as I have been away from the Bloggerhood lately,and there are only 2 days left to vote, it turned out being my 135th post;( What ever is significant about that?) and wordpress advised me that they sent it out to 40 some other bloggers, so many twits, and some fakebookers…From what I saw in your category, you’ve got this one in the bag already anyway.
    Bless You

  20. congragulations .. 🙂
    and i did .. 🙂
    i hope you win

  21. Congratulations d.p.!

  22. You can make a new post for us to enjoy reading now Harry…you’ve got the Blogger of the Year Award already in the bag…and you deserve it…
    Bless You

  23. Just let me wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  24. Let’s see? Are you ahead of U.S. time …or behind…Oh it’s already a New Year where you are isn’t it? Let me know if anything takes place in my future I should know about before I get their…Hehe

  25. We are ahead of the States ( as always ) its now 3.30 PM, 31/12/2011.

    Same to you Paul.

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