Honour based killings and violence

The total of  2,823  so-called “honour” murders and attacks took place in the UK last year, according to new figures obtained by the
Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation.

The charity said the statistics do not give the full picture of the levels of “honour” violence in the UK , but are the best national estimate so far.

Honour attacks are punishments usually carried out on women who have been accused of bringing shame on their family and in the past have included abductions, mutilations, beatings and murder,” the report said.

Young girls taken to India, Pakistan, Jordan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iraqi and Kurdistan, they are forced to get married against their will, or else they will be killed there because they would not do as they were told and the father can say she is married a local man and there is no way to disprove it.

There are also hundreds of women who get shot, burned, strangled, poisoned, or stabbed every year in, others get acid thrown in their faces and over their bodies the other thing that happens is they can also get their sexual organs destroyed which means that no man will ever want her.

All these things are done by family members so that it kept within the family.

The father rules the house and he owns the woman they MUST do as he say.

If a girl won’t wear the veil she can get killed, if the father does not think her boyfriend is suitable, she will be killed ( see below ). If she does not want to marry someone the father has picked she will be killed.

In 2006, 20 year old Banaz Mahmod, from Mitcham, south London, was strangled on the orders of her father and uncle because they thought her boyfriend was unsuitable.

The victim’s father Mahmod Mahmod and uncle Ari Mahmod were jailed for life at the Old Bailey in 2007.  Cousins Mohammed Saleh Ali and Omar Hussain, both 28, were jailed last year for a minimum of 22 and 21 years respectively for the “honour killing” of the 20-year-old Iraqi Kurd.

It takes far less than a pre or extramarital relationship for a woman to be condemned as dishonourable and deserving of death. Honour crimes can include a husband killing his wife for leaving the house too often, a son killing his mother to prevent her from remarrying, a brother killing his sister and her husband for marrying without the family’s consent, a man killing his wife for refusing to wear the veil when leaving home.

A woman was rape and see reported the man to the Muslim courts for justice, but she has to provide 3 or 4 witnesses to the rape because the man’s word is always taken, she was sentenced to death. This was reported world-wide but in the end she was given a choice, death or marry the man who raped her.


25 responses to “Honour based killings and violence

  1. OMG, There is no explanation for this level of ignorance!

  2. Harry – great post. Though I will disagree with you on the Muslim thing only. It is (to me) a man thing. Men putting there own interpretation on their religious words so that they can do as they please. I read a fascinating book once written by a girl who was a Catholic (in a Arab country) who was BFF with a muslim girl. The Muslim girlfriend fell in love with a Catholic boy, and her family murdered her for it. But the Catholic girl was just as likely to have been murdered for the same ‘crime’ of falling for someone from another religion. It’s not religion (though I have my issues with that bellieve me), but power that drives these crimes. I think that the reason we see more of these honour killings among Muslim societies is because of the way their societies function. There are not the general freedoms that have passed into law as we in the West are priviledged to have. Just my thoughts…

    • JO, it is a man thing, woman never get involved or disagree if they know its going to happen.
      I think it is religion, their mind set and there society.
      Woman in most Muslim countries have no freedom.
      No matter what is done or tried it will never end.

      • No, Harry, this was around well before religion, as pointed out by other authors. Western society tends to think of it as a Muslim thing, but it is not. Like many things in Christianity (the timing of CHristmas, for example) existing customs get absorbed into religions.

        My husband is always horrified when he reads of such stories.

  3. Just wait until they bring in Sharia law in the UK and you will have a two tier legal system.

    Why can’t people in public services or in Schools wear the crucifix but those of muslim religion can wear the veil as a symbol of their religion? This whole debate just scratches the surface and one that troubles me.

    This whole debate about the way women are treated really upsets me.

    • PIP, you are totally right, our Gov; is so weak and give in to minorities all the time, and the bloody do-gooders are one of the main culprits of everything that’s going on in Britain.

      This will never happen in Northern Ireland and maybe the South to. Muslims have be stopped 3 times trying to build a Mosk they can live as we do or get out, no-one cares for them here.

      • When I return to the UK and see the women and their heads covered so I can only see their eyes – I feel an overwhelming pity for them. Are they blinded by religion as interpreted by men? I would love to sit down and talk to a group of muslim women so I can better understand our differences. If the world is to become one big melting pot a greater social tolerance from all creeds is the only way forward.

  4. Religion, culture and tradition are used in many parts of the world to justify horrible things mostly done to women and children. This post is both shocking and heartbreaking. Thank you Mr. D for writing about it.

  5. Religion, culture and tradition are used in many parts of the world to do justify horrible things mostly done to women and children. This post is shocking. Thank you Mr. D for writing about it.

  6. Carole, i feel sorry for them from the day they set foot in school they must cover their heads, you could sit down and talk but they are so blinded by what they have been taught they will not change, a few young ones are dressing to suit themselves.
    As for a melting pot, it will never happen.

  7. I cannot utter any words to express my disgust. We live in a very sick world.

  8. I know where you are coming from, but I’m still open to other opinions and views … for instance I find it worth and important enough to check on these (and other isues) with snopes.com. Interesting website with fresh new insights .. at times … Love, cat.

    • Cat, i went to that site and found nothing about honour killings i didn’t think i would, because how could any-one who is sane have a view that it is right to do this.
      These men are just week deluded fools, brain washed by their religion.

  9. Great post. It’s a shame that such behaviors exist in 2011, saddening.

  10. How “honorable” can this practice be when only women and girls are targeted? A hard post to read, but important information. Thanks, Harry!

  11. Thanks Lorna, men are never punished as they are seen to do no wrong.

  12. I wrote an article on this once and it still never fails to shock and upset me. I spoke to several women who had suffered these terrible injuries and it is terrifying to think there is nothing we can do to prevent it apart from raising awareness, which you have done…
    Many thanks

  13. Really terrific Harry! You know my views on this whole bit about how Islam needs to join the 21st century.

    I’m going to link to this in my usual Muslim category if you want (milestones in the history of stupidity) If you want to get a “cross-link” thing going by both of us opening a category like that and including links to each others’ works that’s fine.

    Hell, even if you don’t want to link to my many Muslim articles please feel free to just post them whole if you like, no need for attribution or anything. We need a much wider outlet for this info. I don’t care about credit or “hits” so you or anyone reading this can make free with my posts about Islam

  14. Ed, thanks for your comment you may copy and paste and add it to your category or post it, if that’s what you do, i do not mind.
    I to have a post about burning the Koran


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