Retirement Pictures

After looking at these photos

your parents could Live

long enough to be a REAL concern to you!

Wisdom Of  A Retiree

I’ve often been asked, “What do you old folks do now that you’re retired?”

Well, I’m fortunate to have a chemical engineering background, and one thing I enjoy most is turning beer, wine, Scotch and margaritas into urine.

34 responses to “Retirement Pictures

  1. These photos are hilarious!

  2. People do look better when they get older!
    It must be good to see your chemical engineering background come to use!

  3. These are very funny. I particularly like the lady’s “I will knit for sex hat’ – just priceless.

  4. Student, that is a good one i don’t think she knew what was on it.

  5. Scary! They are all good but I love the first picture!

  6. So funny, Harry! Have you considered a photo post on “gurning”?

  7. graysintheshade, you got me, that’s me out for a little run on the bike 🙂

  8. Lol hahahahha Gotta ❤ old ppl. I volunteered at a rehab center year back they where so cool. good post

  9. I loved that zimmer frame one!

  10. Ha. Awesome. Love the walker locked to the pole.

  11. Pretty funny. I’m arranging for someone to shoot me before I become a burden (but I have to get some clarification on “burden” and to whom, otherwise this may be the last anyone ever sees of me). 😉

  12. Lorna, i don’t think you fit into these, not yet any way 🙂

    a. Something that is emotionally difficult to bear.
    b. A source of great worry or stress

  13. I started off having a low day – now I am laughing out loud, thank you!


  14. Haha, wow, that’s quite a collection of photos you found there! love it

  15. I long ago explained to my son that it is the contract of all fathers to embarrass their children!!


  16. Retirement?! My dad refuses to retire, he is always working and he’s 75. As for my mum she’s forever going away on cruises (you may have gathered they divorced a long time ago..). Retirement is a doddle, bring it on….great post – made me laugh. Best wishes, Christine 😀

  17. Hi Christine, retirement is great take it from me, i really enjoy doing nothing, glad you liked it Marcia 😉

  18. You and Crabby Old Fart should get together, you really should! 😆

    I’ll be the lady lighting her ciggy off teh 100 candle! 😉

  19. Some fun pics you’ve got here! That smoking hot grandma’s looking sharp! LOL

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