Scam phone calls

Scam phone call warning.

People should be made aware about a scam phone call which is going about and which i have got twice within a week.

The first call was from India, which made me very wary right away, she said she was from Microsoft and they got a diagnostic report i had computer problems, that was the warning to me , because Microsoft do not phone any-one.

I told her that i was able to fix any problems myself and i did not need Microsoft’s help over the phone.

I phoned Microsoft Belfast and they confirmed it was a scam and i was right they don’t phone people, but they can do nothing to stop it.

I have just searched for this and have added this link it seems to be wide spread, please read it, very scary.

This link also explains that Microsoft has dropped one of its partners over cold calling and scaming.

The second was also from India and she said the same thing, i asked which firm she was from and how she knew but she did not answer. So i asked for a phone number, which she gave me, and i said i would ring back.

I phoned BT nuisance calls number, reported the number and she said its just a made up number and also they can do nothing about it.

What they are trying to do is get into your computer and download something to it, to send them information and to aid them get all your private details, your credit card numbers and passwords, etc.

Please pass this LINK to your readers and the information onto other people and maybe it will help save someone who does not know any better, some people will not be computer savvy or know about scams and how they work, there seems to be many of them still out there.

36 responses to “Scam phone calls

  1. I received a couple of those Indian callers, telling me my computer might be infected. I couldn’t understand a word they were saying, so I hang up.

    A couple of years back I also kept getting those automatic voice marketing callers. Luckily I searched on google, and managed to stop it.

    Now all I have, are those annoying marketing callers from BT. How many times do I have say, I don’t want to upgrade my internet or to BT vision.

  2. You are well to warn people!
    One of the benefits of living in Portugal is that when I receive sales calls they hear an English voice and salm the phone down!

  3. We had this several times until my hubby answered and because he is a computer programmer and software developer, he tied the guy in knots who finally hung up on us. They have not phoned since. But I recall falling for this and being led to believe I had terrible virus’s and went and bought expensive software which they said they would help install over the phone. Suffice it to say, I was advised not to speak to them by a friend and he looked over my PC which was fine. I hate these kind of people. They prey on people and it should be stopped.
    Interesting post. Harry.

  4. Thanks yet again for looking out for us all Harry. Phone scams really bug me and some of them get really shirty when I politely tell them I’m not interested. The email ones bug me too – you know, the sort that say you have inherited something from some relative you’ve never heard of and they want to make a deposit in your bank. I may be blonde but I’m not thick!! Glad you reported them both, hope they get their come-uppence!

  5. Christine, after about 10 / 15 seconds of listening i always hang up, there is one going about by text as well i forgot to mention that, it costs a fortune or a new phone.

    I thought the blonde was going away 🙂

  6. I’ll Christine you! Cheeky. Am less blonde so therefore less stupid now.

  7. Looks like the Indians have also picked up on this game, eh? I used to get calls like these from “Nokia” saying I had won a random prize of 500,000$ on purchase of my phone when in reality I had never purchased a Nokia phone in my entire life.

  8. Good advice. I have never been called but have heard of this before. People just need to use common sense!! Lots of predators out there!

  9. I have got so fed up with these calls that I have given up answering the phone.
    I let the answering machine do that!!!
    My friends know to leave a message and then I call them back


  10. Unfortunately I had a lot of people on the phone about the same sort of scam, people claiming to be calling from The Tech Guys (The technical department of Dixons) and doing shit with their computer then trying to charge them 70 odd quid. Especially old people that aren’t very computer savvy.

    I had a couple of these phone calls myself, I’ve just turned round and out right flamed them.

    “We are calling from the tech guys, you have something wrong with your laptop”
    “First off dick head, I don’t have a laptop (I didnt back then) and second off, I work for the fucking REAL Tech Guys so go scam someone else you scum sucking c**t”

  11. Also I love getting cold callers now that I have been one myself, all the shit I’ve taken off of the public I now dish out to the people phoning me.

    Especially people that are obviously shit at their job, they break down after awhile, I gave one guy tips on how to improve his pitch hah!

  12. I have the ‘call display’ feature on my home phone. If I don’t recognize the phone number, then I don’t answer the phone!

  13. I’m going to link this article on both my FB pages and my Twitter. Thank you sooo much for posting this. This scam is scarier than someone breathing heavily on the other end of the line. Thanks again.

  14. im always getting scam calls its getting annoying

  15. Fox@n, thank you for visiting and i hope you call back again.

  16. I never answer the phone, but always let it go to answer machine, so I don’t get these calls, but I can understand how upsetting they must be for people not au fait with what is happening. x

  17. Elizabeth, thank you for visiting, i agree the answering machine is the best idea so far, you are the second to say that, call back please any time.

  18. Hi dp, thank you for the warning! 🙂 I suppose it is an international problem, it happend to me a few years ago that someone tried it, but I usually say no to people who want money or sell stuff by phone.

  19. Hi Ina, its about the only why to manage these people who try to scam us.

  20. I also got a call from “Microsoft”. The caller said with an indian accent that my pc is infected and needs to be maintened.
    After I told him that I run a mac and don’t need his help he hung up…
    I checked that number on and it says that they’re from UK?! Does anyone know who that might be?

  21. Lawrence, thank you for calling in and please visit again, i could not get a number to check, and that’s a handy link.

  22. Thanks for the heads up! This scam’s on the rise again and it never grows old. We may think it’s obvious and that nobody should fall for the trick anymore but unfortunately, a few still do.

    Don’t you think it’s about time that telephone companies do something about this, too? After all, we’re customers. And telcos are obligated to take care not only of their business but more especially, the customers who bring them money.

  23. And this is why I never pick up anonymous calls. Anyway, the caller’s gonna leave a message when it’s an important call. I’ve read about it at and a lot of people there, those who got scam calls, advised the same.

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