asteroid nearing earth

Some day earth will be hit by an asteroid, meteor or comet, Scientists of all class’s are looking to the sky’s for these objects 24 hours a day. Many pass by quite close all the time but their orbit keeps them away from hitting earth.

There is an asteroid called “Apophis” giving concern it will pass in 2013, 2029 and 2036. 2013 will be fine, but observations and tracking will take place and the governments will have to decide what to do in 2029, as 2036 could be the bad result.

The earths orbit is the outer white ring the asteroids orbit is the blue ring.

The asteroid’s risk has now been categorized as a 4 on the Torino Scale. The level 4 rating never before issued is reserved for “events meriting concern.

When it does pass close on April 13 2029, the Earth will deflect it and change its orbit. There’s a small possibility that if it passes through a particular point in space, the so-called keyhole, the Earth’s gravity will change things so that when it comes back around again in 2036, it will collide with us. The chance of Apophis passing through the keyhole, a 600-metre patch of space, is 1 in 5,500 based on current information.

If, at that stage, they cannot rule out an impact with Earth in 2036, the next chance to make better observations will not be until 2013.

Nasa has argued that a final decision on what to do about Apophis will have to be made at that stage.

An asteroid, meteor or a comet does not need to be large to devastate. One the size of a small garage would annihilate a large city like New York, London,Paris or Tokyo and would leave a 10km crater.

Still nowhere near the size of the biggest (there is a 300km crater on Earth), would have the destructive force of every one of the world’s 10,000 nuclear warheads combined.

It was 65 million years ago in what is now Yucatan the impact of a 10-kilometer wide asteroid it helped to bring about the K-T extinction, no animal bigger than a small chicken was able to survive.  If man had lived on  the planet at this time, he would have been destroyed by this event.

This event threw huge amounts of matter into the atmosphere in addition to this, it caused 2000 foot waves that may have all but completely emptied the Gulf of Mexico. This created months of darkness, much cooler temperatures globally, and the resulting harsh conditions which in turn led to the extinction of many species, including the last of the dinosaurs.

On the June 30th, 1908, at about 7:00 a.m. an explosion occurred in the skies over Tunguska, Siberia, located in Russia.
This explosion happened at anywhere between six-to-eight kilometers from ground zero, and the result was to lay waste to a vast region of pine forest of 2,150 square kilometers, felling more than 60 million trees.
The inhabitants seen a brilliant burst of light. the explosion was so loud and powerful enough to blow-out windows, temporarily blind and knock people to the ground.  Had it happened fifty years later, scientists think it would most likely have spurred russia into a nuclear war.

Could we stop an Imminent Impact?

We would have been totally defenseless against one. But now with nuclear weapons, launching ICBM nuclear tipped rockets in an attempt to destroy it. But doing this could create a worse situation for ourselves. If it broke into pieces, the damage from multiple impacts could be just as bad as one big one.

The largest yet discovered is an awesome 25 kilometres in length. There are more than a million bigger than 50 metres across, each capable of destroying a city.

If a large one did hit, earthquakes would streak around the earth at thousands of kilometres an hour, destroying all in their path.

It would create a tidal wave between 1,000 and 2,000 feet high.

It would also trigger volcanic eruptions all over the world.

Gasses released into the atmosphere would cause acidic rain and destroy the ozone layer. A vast fireball would be sent into the sky.

The real danger would be from the dust clouds sent into the atmosphere. The amount of debris released into the upper atmosphere would block out the sun, trigger a nuclear winter and potentially kill all life on Earth.

30 responses to “asteroid nearing earth

  1. It is a scary thought, but we will have to live with the knowledge. Hopefully the program that the Americans and others have set up to fight those things, will be ready in time. Nice posting.

  2. Harry we all know ALL they need to do is watch Armegeddon with Bruce Willis. Problem solved…hehehe

  3. I can’t click on this post even though I enjoyed reading it! Let’s hope we’ll never get struck by a thing like that!

  4. Crikey! I will be too old to run by 2039 but I fear for my children and grandchildren 😦

  5. Any more cheery news you’d like to share? 😉

  6. Maybe my tractor beam could deflect, as well as attract! 🙂

  7. Great write up. I have seen a few of the NASA models about this on Discovery, and the History channel. So, I take it if 2013 is looking as a “Safe” Passage from the keyhole, then you are not expecting the 2012 alignment of the equinox’s with the dark rift of the milky way to play any part into it?

    I ask mainly because one of the NASA documentaries brought it up, as a possibility along with Earth Annihilating gamma rays from flares of Solar storms etc…

    The following week, the same NASA scientist made statements seemingly recanting his statements on that particular area of discussion on the documentary. I guess maybe he was either instructed by his employers to change the story…

    Or, maybe He just ran out of space on the calender he was going by? LOL

    Bless You

  8. Paul, Quote :- then you are not expecting the 2012 alignment of the equinox’s with the dark rift of the milky way to play any part into it?
    No part at all, as there is a year between the two.
    The scientist’s won’t really know until 2013 what going to happen.

  9. I’ll just keep going about my daily life. Not a lot I can do to change what might or might not happen, although I agree it will probably happen one day.

  10. Nothing lasts forever, including the human race. If an asteroid doesn’t call lights out for us, something else will. Maybe global warming, maybe plague, who knows? Not me. I agree with Team Oyeniyi. All we can do is carry on as best we can.

  11. Great conversation starter, Harry. If it hits it’s just a chance to start over again and pretty much make the same mistakes all over again. I’m just not feeling optimistic today.

  12. Donating all of my money toward an asteroid destorying device…now!

  13. mooselicker , that’s great, i have set up a bank account for collecting it so i’ll email it to you 🙂

    Thanks for visiting, call back some time.

  14. I hope it happens after my lifetime. In the meantime I’m going to get my nieces and nephews prepared for this doomsday. Tis the season to be jolly, but facts are facts.

  15. This is way too technical for me, but hey – I’m blonde! I get the gist of it though and thanks for the warnings! I’m just off to buy a hard-hat….

  16. It is to technical for blondes 🙂 so i’m making one with colouring in pictures with text for them to learn 😆

  17. Am I tempting fate if I say you crack me up?! Colouring in pages – fantastic!

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