Smoking indoors

Northern Ireland is trying to lead the way and changing the law to stop smokers , smoking in their cars when they have children in it.

Read more here for information.

Cigarette smoking has been completely banned for a number of years indoors in every building in Scotland,Wales, England, Northern Ireland , the Republic of Ireland and also many european countries.

If you go outside for a smoke you are not allowed to stand near a  security guard or doorman or anyone working, because of the passive smoking.

Some bars , hotels  and business’s provide an open air shelter for smokers, or a place outdoors with tables and chairs.

Adults know smoking is harmful not only to themselves but the passive smoke harms others around them.

So why do they drive around smoking with their wife/husband, children and babies in the car, mostly with the windows nearly closed tight and  filling the car with fumes that other people breath in.

Or when they are at home, smoking in rooms the family are using every day.  All  they are doing is creating rooms filled with passive smoke.

The goverment needs to change the law so that smokers are not allowed to smoke anywhere around none smokers.  And if the do they will be taken to court and fined.

I am a smoker, but i have not smoked in the house for about two years, because i do not want to , but also there are no smokers in the house.

See my post about, chemicals found in cigerettes  to see the list which will shock you to find out what they contain.

35 responses to “Smoking indoors

  1. Tell me…why are you still smoking? The chemicals found in ciggies is scary!

  2. I agree, the law should change. Numerous of times I have stood at a bus stop in the pouring rain, inbetween 2 smokers. Plus, the bus is always late!

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  4. Oh, for heaven’s sake … I’m so sick and tired of all of these true and false “health” discussions … Just LIVE, okay? … Just LIVE! … and stop TRYING to live. Love, cat.

  5. I hope they do ban it – kids of smokers have no choice and if the parents can’t be responsible then someone needs to be.

  6. Back in the day both my parents smoked – in the car, in the house – it was awful. Now it does seem odd and I hope the ban comes into force. That said I still believe people have the right to choose to smoke, but I believe it is right that there are certain environments that should be no go areas as their smoking will impact on others who choose not to smoke. Interesting post and debate DP – thank you!

    • Thank you student, yes at the end of the day it is up to the person. In Britain we can not smoke in doors anywhere .

    • feelingsofpalestine

      Have to agree with Mature student. I had parents who smoked and the whole thing had a large impact on me and had serious effects on my sister’s health.
      Come on, Harry, you can stop. Think of the extra years you will gain.
      xx Oh, Mature student, am popping over to your site having been a mature student myself who failed miserably and gave up to write full time. x

  7. As a non smoker I can only think of the health risk and nasty smell, but for a smoker there is an extra bonus I suppose, that goes above risks and non smokers like me have no idea of the need for, or joy that comes with smoking a fag. (Trying to empathize lol)
    I don’t think I am the one to judge if smokers are doing something wrong.
    I am just very glad I can walk into a public building without smoke to irritate my eyes. We had teachers smoking in the classroom, and I had chronic bronchitis in Winter, so I was at home being sick a lot. I think the smoking teachers had a part in it, as well as the damp in our home. As much as I want to respect other people’s right of choice, I think a smoking ban is a good thing. And you are doing the right thing by not smoking indoors. Other smokers should take you as role model! 🙂

  8. A poem for you Harry –


    What with Marlboro Man,
    Bogart lighting up for two and
    ‘You’re never alone with a Strand’

    cigarette smoking was cool
    when I was growing up; before
    cool had even been invented.

    Now, the most heinous of crimes,
    according to the health police and
    the po-faced politically correct;

    who would occupy the moral
    high ground, a place typified by
    aroma of bull-shit and marijuana.

  9. Great post. As a sometimes smoker I agree with all these rules. Im pretty sure that Canada passed a law some years ago making it illegal to smoke in your car when there are children. Smoking is bad folks.

  10. I have smoked so I know it’s hard to get rid of the habit. No one used to care about passive smoking as you can see from all the old films. Just something else to worry about, but smoking with non smokers was always a no no to me

  11. Totally agree with you on this one!

  12. saarimner, thank you most people have

  13. Smoking is not a nice habit and anyone with an ounce of decency and a brain ought to know not to inflict their smoke on others, and most smokers respect that. I think some of these bans are causing more harm than good – for instance on the pub trade, I see pubs boarded up regularly and the ones that are still doing okay have had to re-think their business – a pub near me is not only a pub but a cafe and an ice-cream parlour; anything to attract business. As a woman I used to hate having to walk past the pubs at night (or even in the daytime) in the town centre because all the men were outside smoking, it wass quite intimidating especially when they are pissed as well, I felt safer when they were all INSIDE the pub and I could walk by without worrying!! Anyhow, I’ll get off my soapbox now – I’m on the fence but agree smoking in front of or near others is inconsiderate and a health risk.

  14. Marcia, i think that’s your longest rant yet 😆
    I agree with everything you say, very few pubs have closed over here as most of them provide somewhere undercover for the smokers to go for a drink and smoke.

  15. Why don’t they make smoking illegal altogether if they’re going this far? I bought my car with my own money, I will not be told what I can and can’t do inside that car, I have no children in there, the people that get in my car know I’m a smoker and that I smoke in my car so they enter my car at their own risk. If I want a fag driving to work I’ll damn well have a fag on my way to work! It doesn’t distract me from driving either which I heard some stupid tart go on about on the news today, “My friend dropped ash on herself, took her eyes off the road and crashed” yeah? Perhaps that’s because she’s a piss poor driver.

    All these people bitching and whining about how much of a bad habit smoking is, take look at yourself in the mirror and you’ll realise you’re not perfect, drinking alcohol kills more people than smoking does.

    “Waa smoking gives you cancer” yeah that and everything else in the world, my grandfather never smoked in his 70 plus years, one day his body decides to give him cancer anyway.

    I didn’t like the smoking ban in pubs at first but now I prefer it, I agree with not smoking around children, it’s very irresponsible, but if you’re on your own in your own car you should be able to do what you want (so long as it doesn’t distract your driving)

    But hey, Britain hasn’t been Great for a very long time. Sometimes I wish the German’s won.

    • Good morning Pete 🙂 you got that of your chest 🙂 i agree if your on your own or with others who don’t mind you smoking in the car go ahead. Its imposing the smoke fumes on children who can do nothing i am against.

  16. Sorry for pretty much writing a blog post in response, I shall be touching on this tomorrow on my own blog 😛

  17. I read your post chemicals found in cigerettes and was so shocked about what it contained I stressed out and needed a smoke. 🙂 I have been trying for a year now to quit with not much luck. No such laws here but my 8yr old keeps telling me I’m going to die if I don’t quit. Since its important to her and true.. I hide and smoke. 🙂

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