ear syringing

I had a problem with my hearing when i was in company, or  listening when the tv was on. I felt this coming on over about this past 6 months. So i was very brave and went to the nurse and had them sorted. It was very relaxing, warm and calming, a bit like childbirth i suppose. So here is a little information for all the other people who think they need it. 

Earwax (cerumen) forms a protective coating of the skin in the ear canal. Small amounts are made all the time. Flakes or crusts of earwax break off and fall out of the ear from time to time.

The quantity of earwax made varies greatly from person to person. Some people form plugs of earwax in their ear canal. This may cause a feeling of fullness and dulled hearing. A hard plug of earwax can also sometimes cause tinnitus or even mild vertigo.

A doctor or nurse can look into the ear canal and confirm a plug of earwax has formed. A plug of earwax is not a serious problem, more a nuisance. You only need to remove earwax if it is causing symptoms such as dulled hearing. Earwax may also need to be removed for fitting of a hearing aid, or if a doctor or nurse needs to examine your middle ear.

Note: do not try to clean the ear canal with cotton wool buds, etc. This can make things worse as you will push some earwax deeper inside. It may also cause an ear infection.

Ear drops alone will often clear a plug of earwax. You can buy drops from pharmacies. For example, olive oil ear drops are commonly advised for this purpose. Warm the drops to room temperature before using them. (Let the bottle stand in the room for about half an hour.) Pour a few drops into the affected ear. Lie with the affected ear uppermost when putting in drops. Stay like this for 2-3 minutes to allow the drops to soak into the earwax. The earwax is softened, and it often breaks up if you put drops in 2-3 times a day for 3-7 days. Flakes or crusts of earwax often fall out bit by bit.

Ear irrigation (which used to be called ear syringing)

This may be needed if ear drops do not work. Irrigating the ear with water will usually clear plugs of earwax. But, it often only works if the plug of earwax has been softened. Therefore, use ear drops (such as olive oil ear drops) to soften wax 2-3 times a day for 3-5 days prior to irrigation. Ear irrigation is usually painless. Lukewarm water is squirted into the ear canal. This is usually done by a machine that squirts water at the right pressure. This dislodges the softened plug which then falls out with the water.

More information can be found at the link below.



31 responses to “ear syringing

  1. Hey DP
    Hope more women don’t read your comment
    It was very relaxing, warm and calming, a bit like childbirth i suppose. LOL 🙂
    You are likely to get a slap! 🙂 LOL 🙂

    Glad your ears are sorted. Mr Piglet wedges cotton buds in his ears. I’m always telling him but he just does not lisen.

  2. The child birth comment i put in for a laugh 🙂

    I have known for years they are about the worst thing to put in the ear.

  3. The comment was good for a laugh. I always hate having to take care of ears. My husband shoves q-tips in every day.

  4. Hmmm your childbirth comment made me raise my eyebrows – oh really? Think you might have a flea in your ear after that remark…
    I once got a cotton bud stuck and yes, had to go to A & E to get it removed. As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough the person who retrieved it proceeded to waft it in front of his colleagues as if he’d just found a piece of gold. Was a bit awkward driving to the A & E too cos the bud in my ear affected my balance! Hasn’t stopped me doing it since though but I always use a reliable brand!

  5. Marcia, so many woman have children it can’t be that bad 😆

  6. OMG – I’d like to see you push a grapefuit out the end of your penis (an approximate equivalant to pushing a baby out a vagina) after hours of being pummelled in the stomach and the back by pain, so don’t you tell me that childbirth is ‘very relaxing, warm and calming’. If men had to bear the following generation we’d be extinct before you could say ‘let’s have a quickie dear’…and that’s all I have to say on that subject – you man you !!!!!!

  7. I’m loving this intellectual exchange. Ear aches and child birth. Neither are relaxing nor calming except when ended.

  8. Well, I was going to give you an earful for the childbirth comment, but it’s been covered. Ha, “earful.” Anyway, glad your ears feel better.

  9. Personally I rather have a baby than earwax as a result of torment. And it is the result that counts!

    When I got my first baby, I had pushed so hard, a really big lump of earwax came out of my ear a day later. The second time, a plastic tube that was put in my ear nine months earlier, came out. Solution: If you have too much earwax, get pregnant and deliver a baby. 🙂

  10. DP – had to comment. After giving birth I felt like a superhero – didn’t get the same feeling after having my ears waxed. Oh and you also become entitled to lovely pain relieving drugs if you’re having a baby – bonus! 😉

  11. HAHA the comments on here. I’ll make sure I never make a reference to child birth in any of my posts ever.

  12. Mr O Jnr 1 had that done soon after they arrived! Glad it worked for you too!

  13. Thanks for the info. Next time I pretend not to hear something I’ll blame it on the wax build up.

  14. Eugh, I nearly had to have that done, my right ear used to be always blocked, no end of times I’d be laid on my side with my ear fizzing away because Im popped some ear drops in there, it’s not good and it’s very messy. Thankfully those problems have since gone away, unfortunately they’ve been replaced with piles.

  15. Pete, don’t make the piles bleed because you will go deaf 🙂

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