Poem: A sad life

The old person died
And i am all alone now.
With no-one to care.
And for such a long time.

Then all of a sudden.
I was on the move.
Going to a new home.
Who would i find there.

Four people to care.
Look after my needs.
But alas, it was not to be.
It is my worst ever move.

They did not care of me.
Asked to do jobs to big for me.
I was given liquids and shod.
But never washed or cleaned

I looked terrible.
And i was tired.
My life was slowing down.
This needed to end.

Again, i was on the move.
I hoped to a better place.
Maybe i’ll get cared for there.
And maybe get some love.

But whats this? as i was left.
Hundreds of my friends are here.
Old ones past their best.
Young one who are injured.

Is this where i have to stay.
To see out my final days.
To finish my days in here.
A local car scrapyard.


28 responses to “Poem: A sad life

  1. Lovely, the thoughts of a car wreck 🙂 Hope they won’t splash him!

  2. Really lovely poem! Up until the point we realise it’s actually about cars, it reminded me a little of ‘November’ by Simon Armitage. Very good work 😀

  3. Only a man could be so sentimental about a car. I hope the two of you are very happy… 😉

  4. I was expecting the punch line at the end and I was not disappointed. Another post that gave me a nice chuckle … 🙂

  5. LFM, i don’t like to disappoint people, i have a standard to keep up 😆

  6. I don’t think this is a poem about a car at all.
    I think it is a metaphor for growing old in this country.
    We do appear to dump our old just the way we dump our cars!!!!


  7. Marcia, i know but that’s the last one about cars, i think i’ll do one about woman who do not have dark hair 😆

  8. Sorry to disappoint but I am going darker next week, fed up being a wishy-washy blonde – makes me look like Casper the ghost!! You’ll be needing a new side-kick lol.

  9. I was thinking “man this is really depressing”. Then I realized it’s just a car. Not that we shouldn’t care for our cars, of course.

  10. You always have me going then you zing me. You sure love cars. For a minute I thought the dribblingpensioner was been shipped to an old folks home. You had me worried.

  11. i agree with it being about a lot more than a car – people, animals, we dump everything that no longer looks as pretty or works as well – grrrrrrrr

  12. See I knew you and “Neil Young” were brothers..always talking and writing from a cars perspective!!! Long may you run my friend, Long may you run…
    Bless You

  13. Paul thanks, we are both running fine 🙂

  14. I was just going to say that you’re letting yourself down too much but then I got at the end and I realized it was about a car! Good one! 😀

  15. The Background Story, so i got you as well 🙂 thank you for your visit.

  16. men and their cars…tsk,tsk 🙂

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