Poem: Letting go,its time to part.

Letting go,  its time to part.

The time has come.
For me to say goodbye.
To you me friend.
My faithful friend.
We have aged together.
But never got tired.
We have been to places.
Traveled on lots of trips.
I have looked after you.

I looked after your body.
Gave you all you needed.
And then even more.
You never let me down.
Doing what ever i asked.
Looking after my needs.
And my daily chores.
But as time passes.
Age catches up with us all.
Its our time to part.
A sad day for me.
So for the very last time.
Letting go is hard.
But its time to part.
So goodbye my friend.
Its goodbye to my car.


47 responses to “Poem: Letting go,its time to part.

  1. It’s surprising really how one becomes so attached to a car – it’s often sad to see them go.

  2. Oh, how sad. I’ve had my present car for 11 years and we’ve been through a lot together. Don’t tell her, but I’m going to look at another vehicle this afternoon!!! Will you replaced your car with another? I truly hate car shopping.

  3. lol I thought you were referring to a body part then I read the last line. Men and their cars … 🙂

  4. You got me, Harry! I thought your dog died. It’s even worse though. Where do I send oil in lieu of flowers? 😉

  5. W.L.E. Always read the last line first 😆

  6. Sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Now go get yourself a sexy new sports car!

  7. When I get rid of my car, I’m going to set it on fire while beating it with a sledgehammer, piece of crap.

  8. i can completely understand. my car needs to be junked, but it was first my grandfather’s car. i got it when he passed on twelve years ago. it’s now twenty five years old. i have a hard time letting go.

  9. There aren’t any illegal’s where I live, England *rolls eyes* makes sure of it

  10. I was waiting for the punchline – knew it wouldn’t be a serious poem from you! Good one, my car is 11 years old and she’s fab, just costs a fortune on the insurance! You’ll get discount won’t you cos of your age and all that…..hehehehe

    • I must try and do a poem with no punchline ( but not yet )
      I get a discount because of no accidents for a long time.
      Woman’s insurance is cheaper than men’s anyway, so long as they have dark hair 😆
      I just had to put that in 🙂

  11. DP you are sooooo naughty! Anyhow, my hair IS dark, the blonde comes out of a bottle and costs a bloody fortune to maintain, a bit like my car insurance – can’t wait to be over 50 then I can join Saga.

  12. Oh yeah…now you Almost had me tearing up there my friend … till the end…what have you been taking lyric lessons from “Neil Young”?
    Very Well Done!!!

  13. Loved that! It’s true, how attached we become to our cars. I had a ’75 Torino for 17 years and finally had to trade it in… cried for hours afterwards. As I always say, “It’s silly to anthropomorphize an inanimate object, but my car loves it!”

  14. That’s really, really sad Harry.

    I do hope you get another one 🙂


  15. Oh Harry – i would be devasted to say goodbye to mine – she and I are a pair.

  16. Hey, there, Dribbler! This is my first visit to your blog. I usually see you hanging around down there on Brown Road. I still see my last car sometimes being driven by the lady that bought it, who had been driving a crapulous, torn up and rusted thing when she came to see mine. I had shined and cleaned, new sparkly hubcaps, fresh black work everywhere, even new inside carpets. A few months later, I caught her at my grocery store parkinglot, and “my” car was so dirty, the new hubs black with road soot, It made me sad 😦 like maybe I should steal it back and give it a good, loving home again!

    • HI Spectra, you will see me there and many others 🙂 thanks for your visit and please call back.
      When she goes into the shops, give it a quick wash and leave a note saying ” this is how the car should be kept ” 😆

  17. HAHA… That was brilliant.

  18. Haha – I liked that! I’ve just said goodbye to my ‘friend’ as well. She was getting to be expensive and demanding – and was letting herself go.

  19. Puuuuh! I was afraid to even click and read the rest on the next page! I hope he/she finds it’s way to car heaven.

  20. That was sad…until I got to the bit about your car. lol.

  21. Thanks for making me smile at the punch line. I was already to cry!!

  22. Like some of your other readers, you had me for a minute. I thought of your dog at first, and then you lost me before hitting me between the eyes with your car. Great job. I hope you can find another dependable one.

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