My challenge

My challenge:-   I like writing.

I like writing now because i never ever had it to do before. My wife wrote all the letters, cards, etc; if there was a letter of complaint i would sketch it out and she would write it.

I seen it as a waste of my time, ” why do i want to write ” when i could be doing something really useful.

All through my life i communicated verbally, albeit in work, church, social or sports clubs.

As foreman or chargehand i told the men under me what to do, they got on with it and i left them to it, only checking once a day or so to see if they and the work was alright.

In my Church i was Church secretary for 2 years keeping the minutes and giving reports every month.

The Church bowling club, i was secretary for three years, treasurer for 4 years.
I was also chairman twice, and at our annual bowlers service, myself and two others ran the service, the Rev; gave a short sermon for 10 minutes.

There could have been up 400 people at the service and it was the chairman’s job to give a welcome speech to them all, and also do a reading from the bible

I have no nerves about speaking out, should it be one or two people or hundreds.

I think my confidence stems from the time i played music, playing solo in front of up to a  1,000 people.

My last blog only required giving information, that’s maybe why i started this blog, just to write and have fun be it good or bad, right or wrong, to see how it goes and to see if i keep going or not.

But when it comes to writing i find myself thinking, ” is this down right, will it sound stupid, will people like it”.

So i will carry on as best i can, if i put an apostrophe in the wrong place or don’t put one in , i think it will still be readable.

But i must make an effort and try to improve my poetry 🙂 or maybe people like it as it is.    


Now you may be wondering why the post title is ” my challenge ” well here is the reason why.

The challenge was started by Renee. A. S. Jacobson   and it was passed to me by  Brown Road Chronicles .  The challenge to myself and two other writers to take the phrase “Writing is like . . .” and finish it, post it on your blog and then tag three others to do the same. It can be as long or short as you like. That’s all!

Please give a link back to the post starter and the person who gave you the challenge.
It was hard to pick my 3 people as there are many, many brilliant writers.
So i settled for three new blogs i came across.

sami116     at    the embarrassment.  This blog is about things and their practicality and how they do or don’t affect our lives. This is a light-hearted attempt at bringing to fore some of the not so important things in life.

IzaakMak    at      i want ice water.  This is a mixture of humor & seriousness that reflects his personal philosophy of life.   This is a collection of his pleas for reason & rationality in this global asylum.

Patrick     at    simple observations.  It is a collection of almost seventy short stories, and takes a humorous look at people, animals, and everyday situations that we are all familiar with. It is full of observations, self-deprecating humor, and a large dose of sarcasm.

So it is now up to sami116 , Patrick , and IzaakMak to pass it onto three others and give the link backs. And also post your link here for people to read. Get to it and good luck.

37 responses to “My challenge

  1. Nice work my friend, nice work! And I’ll venture to guess you no longer feel it is a waste of time. Good for you for tackling this. And good for you for not being afraid to speak in front of groups, that’s a challenge for many people. As for me, I have had to do it, but find it uncomfortable until I get going.

    • Thanks for that Steve, i do like writing now but apostrophes and grammer bother me at times because i write as i speak, but as i said its still readable.

      I’m lucky i have never let nerves bother me.

  2. Dear Harry!
    I’ve followed you here and I think you’ve done a lovely job. It’s funny how you say “you never had to do it [writing] before” — but it sounds like you have been writing all along. You were church secretary, the bowling club secretary, the treasurer. You have been writing forever! The difference is now you are doing it for pleasure rather than obligation. That is cool. Thanks for writing. And it is lovely to meet you. 😉

  3. Many of us write our whole lives without ever writing anything we actually want. It feels great to finally resolve to only write the things we’re excited about.

  4. I think you’re doing an excellent job with your blog and it’s always time well spent to visit you. I actually think this was one of your better posts. It’s always nice when people show a little about their true self. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Go for it Harry.

    Poetry, in my opinion, is written to be read out loud. So if you read it out loud to yourself after you have written it and it sounds OK then it is OK!!


  6. interesting challenge! now i get to read new blogs. hurrah!

  7. I am so pleased you like writing because I enjoy reading what you write. Your style has such great texture and tone which all adds up to the unique sound of your voice!

  8. Same here, they are a waste of time.

  9. Patti, i have a writing style, texture and tone 🙂 that’s very kind of you , and you made my day.

  10. Don’t you dare change how you use apostrophes! I adore that little “quirk” of yours. You have a unique style and your voice comes through so strongly. I think you’re a terrific writer.

  11. I love the way it is…and love that you are learning ( as am I from doing it) where to put the punctuation, and grammatical enunciation marks…or in my case…putting them where the heck I think they should have been…anyway …just wanted to thank you for your comment on my recent post, which, apparently someone found the writer of to be an intriguer of his country… as at precisely 9 A.M. the following day, ( Yesterday morning )some program hop – scotched over my Max Security program, and shut my “Windows” , so I had no chance of reconfiguring the hard drive obliteration bug they sent me…Imagine that… seems it just doesn’t pay to chide the “Um Hum ” department…as this is my 3rd new computer this year….But, after all my frustrations…imagine my elation’s… I’m back on line…only to find that this last post… was my 2nd most popular viewed … Ever!!! Bless You

    • Thanks paul, as i said i hated English at school, maths was my thing.
      If you want any help with your pc security, etc, email me.
      3rd new pc your doing something wrong.
      Yes your last post will get many hits with different views.
      And thanks for your comment

  12. Good to know you like to write. I like your blog, the humour in it and the way you don’t write “I” but “i” 🙂 Gives a whole knew look on the ego! (that it has a point, I mean.)

    • Thanks Ina, i’m getting used to writing, when i do spell check it says to use I not i, but to me that is a capital and as Erin said its just another quirk of mine.
      Humor, then you will like my next post.

  13. It’s nice to write what you want instead of what you have to. I have enjoyed your blog so far, especially the humor. 🙂

  14. I enjoyed this post. This is an interesting challange which would be wasted on me owing to my lack of linking skills. Your Blog is full of good direct humour and observations and you can’t convey those withour some writing skill, so there you are

  15. Thank You for the honor. I think I’m going to get up early tommorrow and start the challenge. I appreciate you mentioning my blog. I think you’re doing a fantastic job of writing. Your poetry is also good. When I first tried my hand at writing, I was told by someone far wiser than me that spelling, form, and punctuation were the easy part of writing. She said, “Anyone can easily learn these things. The hard part of writing is to be open and honest, and reach out with a part of who and what you are, and connect with others. You need to be able to grab a readers attention with not just your words, but a part of yourself.” I never forgot what she said. People enjoy your writing because you are open and honest, and people can see that in your writing. Thanks again

  16. I wish I could write what I wanted all of the time, but unfortunately the English Language A-Level doesn’t comply! Instead, plenty of essays…

  17. Write what you like. It’s your blog!!

  18. me too and the same with commas and semi-colons. They are confusing. 🙂

  19. Followed you over from Ducky’s blog. Very much enjoyed your post. I will be back. hehe!

  20. Well i like your poetry – your information – your fun – so don’t change a thing Harry !!!!!

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