An act of kindness

The right words can make such a difference.

A kind thought can mean so much.

I ran across this wonderful little video over on the i want ice water blog and i just had to share it with you all.


21 responses to “An act of kindness

  1. Doesn’t kindness REALLY make your temperature change.

    I heard a story on the radio yesterday. A couple were here (Wellington) to watch a Rugby World Cup match, and had booked a hotel in Eastbourne. They drove around for hours searching for it. Finally they stopped and approached a woman for help. She read their documents and horrified them with her reply.
    “I’m sorry,” she said. “It appears you have booked a hotel room in Eastbourne in England.”
    Of course Wellington was full – like Bethlehem for Joseph and Mary.
    So this woman took them home. She provided accomodation for two days, took them to and from the rugby with her friends .

    I warmed as I listened to this random, generous act of kindness. I was proud to be a Kiwi. And I wondered why it happens so rarely that we extend kindess to others as the norm…

    • The lady really put herself out with her kindness, very few people would do the likes of that.
      I remember years ago, if people on the road side were looking for a lift in a car there was no problem, to-day it is a big problem, people are affraid to do it

  2. So perhaps life is not always a bitch-)

  3. Yes the right words can definitely make a difference, something I need to remind myself now and then


  4. Thank you Harry,

    I will proceed into my day with a smile on my face 🙂


  5. Things like this a so heartwarming

  6. Thanks for reminding me why I’m such an optimist!

    By the way, I subscribed to your blog and thanks for the tip on categories and tags…:)

  7. Yes, I have seen this video before. Its so heartwarming. Doing a deed of unexpected kindness, can be so rewarding.

  8. That is strange. Can you not get to my profile picture? There is a link on there.

    I don’t know what else to suggest. There doesn’t seem to be a problem with anyone else. Please keep in touch. Maybe we can sort it out.

    ps Just realised you can’t keep in touch!! I will keep in touch with you and see how it goes. (I think I am also a dribbling pensioner!!)

  9. That gave me goosebumps…thank you.
    Our rugby was a bit better today.

  10. Fantastic DP, loved this and have shared it on FB.

  11. Thank you, i just added those buttons yesterday, what will that mean to my blog when people do that.

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