chemicals found in cigarettes

On a visit to a chemist i seen a stop smoking notice on the wall, reading it i was shocked to read there are nearly 600 chemicals in a cigarette.

So i thought i would make a post about them, i knew they were full of chemicals but not as many as that.

More information can be found here

I’M a smoker and have been for just over 50 years I AM going to stop when the wife gets better, i have to for my own health.

You may not enjoy or like reading the post but you may learn from it, if you know a smoker pass the link url to them and they can have a read it.

Smoking a cigarette is one of the most unhealthy things a human can do. Cigarette smoke has been directly linked to an increased risk of many diseases including cancer, heart disease and even sexual impotence.
Nicotine constricts the blood vessels, raising blood pressure and increasing the strain on the heart.

Thirty per cent of all cancer deaths can be attributed to smoking. Cancers other than lung cancer which are linked to smoking include:
•Cervical cancer • Cancers of the mouth, lip and throat • Pancreatic cancer
•Bladder cancer •Kidney cancer •Stomach cancer • Liver cancer • Leukaemia

But cigarettes are not just made of tar, tobacco and nicotine. More than 600 additives can legally be added to tobacco products. These include coffee extract, sugar, vanilla, cocoa, menthol, oil from clove stems, caramel and chlorophyll, the compound that gives plants their green colour.

Many appear to be present simply to add flavour. They also have more sinister effects. For example, menthol is also suspected of enabling the smoker to inhale more easily by numbing the throat.

Researchers claim that other additives have been expertly developed by tobacco companies to manipulate the delivery of nicotine with extreme precision. Techniques employed by tobacco companies include.

•Addition of ammonia compounds, which speed the delivery of nicotine to smokers by raising the alkalinity of tobacco smoke. These compounds also distort the measurement of tar in cigarettes, giving lower readings than would actually be inhaled by the smoker.
•Addition of chemicals, such as acetaldehyde and pyridine, that act to strengthen nicotine’s impact on the brain and central nervous system.
The tobacco companies have also developed ways to increase the nicotine content of cigarettes. These include.
•Adjustment of tobacco blends by using high-nicotine tobaccos and higher nicotine parts of tobacco leaves to raise the nicotine concentration in lower tar cigarettes.
•Addition of nicotine to fortify tobacco stems, scraps and other waste materials, which are processed into reconstituted tobacco – a product that is used in signficant quantities in most major cigarette brands.
•The genetic engineering of tobacco plants to substantially boost nicotine content.

For example, sweeteners such as sugar can also be added to cigarettes, making them more appealing to young people.

A spokeswoman for the UK charity Action on Smoking and Health said: “The problem with additives is that they are not just about altering the flavour of cigarettes. Research has shown that the key purpose of putting extra additives into cigarettes is to improve their potency and ultimately their addictiveness.

Burning changes the properties of chemicals. More than 4,000 chemical compounds are created by burning a cigarette.

Here are just a few from a list of 599 Additives in Cigarettes. I asked myself why and to what purpose do they put that in.

To see all the chemicals read the full LIST

•Acetic Acid • Ammonia • Beeswax White • Beet Juice Concentrate
•Caffeine • Carbon Dioxide • Chocolate • Citric Acid • Cocoa •Honey
•Lavender Oil • Magnesium Carbonate • Menthol • Parsley Seed Oil
•Peppermint Oil • Plum Juice •Rosemary Oil • Rum • Smoke Flavor
•Sugar Alcohols • Sugars •Vinegar • Water• Wine and Wine Sherry • Yeast


24 responses to “chemicals found in cigarettes

  1. Woah that’s a lot of additives! Thankfully I have never touched one.

  2. I’ve smoke, far more on than off, for over forty years. I’ve always “planned” to quit (again), but that list really does give me pause for thought. Wow! 😯

  3. I’m glad I don’t smoke and never have! What the hell are people putting into their bodies, not exactly yummy ingredients eh? Very informative – might just show it a few people – thanks for sharing this. Hope there aren’t as many chemicals in wine…..

  4. Stopping smoking is the single most important thing you can do for your health (and that of your loved ones). And don’t quit quitting. You are worth it.

  5. I switched from smoking pre-made cigarettes to rolling my own.
    And then to ‘American Spirit’ tobacco because it claims to be “100% additive free natural tobacco”
    Not that I am claiming that this makes it a healthy option you understand!!!
    I have smoked for as long as you Harry (it was the sexy thing to do when you and I were growing up!).
    I have recently reduced my smoking by about a half. It doesn’t do a lot for my mood – been grumpy as hell!!!

  6. hey..great post… i’d appreciate if u’d visit my blog as well. cheers 🙂

  7. Good for you for committing to quit. I hope you find success!

  8. I don’t smoke, but I am shocked. I learned today smoking can increase the risk of Alzheimers as well. It is so sad so many nice people smoke. Please stop all! We want you to be healthy! Do it for us!

  9. On a note of absurdity, tobacco is harder to quit than heroin, because it’s so easy to obtain as well as being physically addictive, and one is more likely to die from diseases caused by it than from narcotic overdose.

    Physical detox takes 72 hours. After that it’s psychological habituation
    (force of habit). Best wishes to all seeking emancipation from this “chain”.

  10. Scary – very very scary

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  12. Hey, great post, it’s unreal how many chemicals that are actually in one cigarette.


  13. A motivating discussion is definitely worth comment. I
    do think that you should write more about this
    subject, it might not be a taboo matter but generally people don’t talk about these issues. To the next! Kind regards!!

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