poem, life’s a bitch

This my first attempt at writing a poem called  ” life’s a bitch ” and more than likely my last, so enjoy it while you can.
Please don’t be to damning about my effort.
ok, go ahead then.

This was me writing it last night.

I bought a car some years ago.
I liked the colour and its logo.
It started to go wrong and then got sick.
Its gone through the crusher, its scrap.

Life’s a bitch

You get up in the morning to face the day.
Set of to work to do your best deeds.
Work hard all week and all goe’s well.
Then on friday your handed your notice.

Life’s a bitch

I went for a walk road a road where i live.
It was cloudy but warm so i went on for a while.
The drizzle started then the heavens opened.
When i got home i was soaked to the skin.

Life’s a bitch.

You go with your mates for a good night out.
You ask a girl if she would like to dance.
She turns her back and talks to her friends.
Boy what a downer, you feel like shit.

Life’s a bitch

Young people go to school to better themselves.
To get a good job, big house and a car.
They do the homework and study very hard.
Then after the exams, they bloody well fail.

Life’s a bitch

You work all you life and pay all your tax.
Buy goods all your life you pay more damn tax.
Save money for your old age you pay more bloody tax.
At last you dead and can rest, no way, your funeral is taxed.

Life’s a bitch.

Writing this has give me great inspiration.
But also filled me with deep constipation.
I’ll take a pill and it will work it fine.
Then i’ll be able to get back on-line.

Life’s a bitch

My first attempt at writing a poem.
I really hope you like it.
I’m sorry if you did not.
Life’s a bitch.

38 responses to “poem, life’s a bitch

  1. Great first poem, but luckily for me life is not a bitch. I’m a glass half full kind of gal!

  2. Harry, you’re a hoot!

  3. I’m still looking at you at the computer desk… I will get to the poem eventually 🙂 Lusting, lusting…
    Seriously, the iambic pentameter was…
    Very funny and I thought I was the comic.

  4. Thanks Lynda, no lusting its not allowed 🙂 it going to be hard to follow that one

    Now i’m of to see what the hell 🙂 this means ( iambic pentameter ) 🙂

  5. Now i understand, its 5 lines of writing, i think 🙂

    An iambic foot is an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable. The rhythm can be written as: da DUM
    The da-DUM of a human heartbeat is the most common example of this rhythm.

    A line of iambic pentameter is five iambic feet in a row
    da DUM da DUM da DUM da DUM da DUM
    The tick-TOCK rhythm of iambic pentameter can be heard in the opening line of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 12

  6. Neat poem and I love the pictures. Don’t make this your last make it the first of many. Now, if you are really creative you could also sing them, record and upload to youtube!

  7. I enjoyed this, I think most of us can identify with what you wrote. Very funny, yet true! Write another one…

  8. Love it, though I had a hard time getting that first image out of my mind. I’d love to read another one!

  9. ROTFLMAO – hahahahahahahahahahahaha
    I love it.
    Couple of spelling mistakes old man – were you having trouble seeing straight (Life’s a bitch)
    So good
    So good

  10. I came to visit…you weren’t in!

  11. I wonder if i could sell the rights for it for a song 🙂
    Pants what pants

  12. That was hilarious. Kinda reminded me of old school rap albeit a very funny one 🙂

  13. It certainly made me laugh.

    Although I have still to master the art of sitting at the computer naked!!


  14. ROTFLMAO = rolling on the floor laughing my arse off
    So when do we get poem No:2 then ????
    The naked picture = great start BTW (by the way I mean) hehehehehe

  15. I think you may have found your true calling. Don’t pay any attention to this iambic pentameter nonsense. You are your own meter. My motto since I was quite young, which I’ve taught to my daughter since she was a toddler, is similar: “Life’s a Bitch- Then You Die!- Get Over It!” I’m thinking about having some T-shirts and bumper stickers made up…..
    BTW: This post finally made me get up off my duff and add you to my blogroll. Wisdom must be shared widely. (Go Gunners- Two hours till kickoff against Swansea!)

  16. I love this!!

    Please think hard and let’s have another one!!! Don’t make it your last!


  17. hehe..Poem, maybe not, but the epitome of prose…I like it
    Could certainly turn it into a song easily enough…
    I liked the prose and the pose…but, for a minute there,,,was wondering how you got the profile shot of me writing this …comment, just now…hehe, Keep up the great work
    God Bless You

  18. Thanks for your visit Paul, it looks a bit like you but you have hair 🙂 my latest poem will be out in a few hours 🙂 call again, Harry

  19. It’s getting so I have to ask myself if I still want to laugh at and about old folks. But I guess I should be glad I’m still here to laugh.

  20. wastelandexplorer

    I’d leave a comment but LIfe’s a bitch. HAHA

  21. I am glad you kept your socks on, hate to think of you writing this naked 🙂

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