house pets ??

Sitting watching the TV the other night i notice a spider on the wall so i went over and killed it, ( they look good flat with legs akimbo ) then i thought,  what is living and hiding in the average house with us.

So i put in a few photos for you all to enjoy, have YOU seen these pets.

Every home has ” house pets ” that we do not see and we do not even know we have them, because we do not look for them.

Most people will have seen some of them at one time, some are the most ugly creatures and i would hate to think what damage they could do if the were 100 or 1,000  larger.

Because they are in your home, it doe’s not mean your house is dirty, its just where they live.

The common wood lice do not eat wood they just like damp places.

Bats can live in the smallest space in the attic.

Dust mites are always present in any home.

Spiders are every where hiding from you but always watching.

Cat mites may not be found on a well looked after cat.

Field mice are often about the house, get a cat.

Bed bugs are ever present, hoover the matress top and bottom weekly.

Dog lice, powder and a spray will get rid of these.

Cat lice, see above.

Head lice common with children, get a lice comb to remove them.

Wasps live in the attic, shed, carage, the nests are very small.

26 responses to “house pets ??

  1. Yeah… uh… thanks for creeping the shit out of all of us!

  2. Yuck. Now I’m shivering and itching all over, especially my head. The dust mite scares me the most. I’m a terrible housekeeper! 🙂

  3. I am horrified you killed a spider Cry cry…was it venomous?
    I agree dogs and cats are full of bugs…give me a spider anyday! LOL

  4. I happen to think bats are rather cute. Those lice are the most disgusting. EEEwwww! How glad am I to never have experienced them.

  5. Have had a bat whizzing around my living room. Boy can they shriek, and that was nothing compared to the shrieks of my daughters. The one that got me though was the scorpion on the bathroom floor, 6 inches from my bare foot when I was not in a position to move!!

  6. Thanks a lot – now I’ll never stop itching or be able to sleep.

  7. Don’t kill the spiders. They hunt down and eat the other critters. There are very few spiders that bother humans. They are unpaid exterminators. (Ok, now I’m tagged as the crazy guy once again.)

  8. Yuk and double yuk 🙂 Thanks for the fun.
    I have subscribed. Please check my blog if you want more laughs. Better still buy my novels.
    All the best and don’t dribble too much.

  9. Look forward to connecting. I think we have some blogging friends in common.

  10. kinda gross – but I liked the feild mouse – and you know you’re not supposed to kill spiders – it is bad luck – no laughing ’cause I am superstitious – LOL

  11. You are so sweet – I did the RSS subscribing thingee with you a while ago so I can pop in whenever. 🙂 Thanks for the kind words about the poem. Now get your act together and write one yourself – the anticpiation is killing me. LOL 🙂

  12. I have a huge spider on my window at the moment and I haven’t the heart to evict him x

  13. Ignorance is bliss…but it could make you sick–and so could looking at these pictures. Thanks, Harry! 😉

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