obese people

Sorry if this post bothers you or upsets you, but the reading contained in it and in the links are the truth and there is no way to hide that.

I cannot understand why people eat unhealthy food all the time to such an extent that they make themselves obese and cause all sorts of problem and illness’s with their body.

And the adults are doing the same to their children from as young as 3 or 4, so the adults are setting their children up for an early death.

Following reports are from yahoo news you can read in full. part 1   and  part 2

Obesity in UK could surge to 26 million

Up to 15 million people are currently obese in the UK,Almost 26 million Britons could be obese by 2030 if current trends continue, and 461,000 could develop heart disease.

And researchers estimate its growth could increase spending on obesity-related health problems by 25 per cent annually, or £2 billion.

Globally, about 1.5 billion people are overweight, and an additional 500 million are obese.

The health care costs of treating obesity now account for between 2 and 6 per cent of total healthcare costs in many countries, even exceeding the costs of treating tobacco-related conditions.

In the UK, we need our Government to take the lead and make it easier to be healthier, such as by ensuring children are fully protected from junk food marketing on and off line.

They say the length of time a person is obese has a direct effect on their risk of death, irrespective of age or the degree to which they are overweight.

The researchers analysed the records of 5,036 people in the US whose health was assessed every two years over decades.They found that the risk of death increased by 7 per cent for every two years of being obese.

The researchers also warned that because obesity now occurs at a younger age, today’s children are likely to have shorter life spans.

The introduction of a new way of measuring obesity would help with the estimation of associated health risks.

The issue of obesity is a pressing one, with one out of four adults in the UK overweight.

If the current trends continue, 75 per cent of the population will be affected by the effects of excess weight within 10 to 15 years.

BBC report

21 responses to “obese people

  1. Obesity is a frightening epidemic, especially among children. Once a person gets into the habit of overeating it’s very hard to stop. It is an addiction, just as hard to break as smoking, drugs or alcohol. Harder, in fact, because everywhere we look we’re bombarded by ads for food, mostly junk food. I have battled weight problems most of my life. It’s a painful, unhealthy, embarrassing affliction.

    • It must be very hard to stop i agree, a lady and her son come into our house she is about 6 stone and he is about 4 stone overweight and he is only 10.

    • To your point, an alcoholic can say “I’m never touching alcohol again”, but someone with an eating disorder (too much food OR too little) can’t just say “I’m never touching food again” and it’s VERY hard to overcome.
      With that said, I completely agree with everything in this post. It’s an epidemic we have to stop with our children because it’s such a slippery slope if you weren’t taught healthy eating habits as a child.
      I give my son cereal for breakfast usually, which may or may not be the best option, but there’s a little girl in his class that gets powdered doughnuts for breakfast EVERY MORNING. And she’s 1! Fat/caloric content aside, there’s absolutely no nutrition there!

      • Someone who is to heavy can say ” i’m going to cut down “, someone who is to thin can say ” i’ll eat a little more “.
        I eat a cereal at a.m, one sandwhich at lunch time, dinner at 5pm, one round of toast at night.
        some days i would go from breakfast to dinner with nothing, its all to do with the mind.

        BTW, i like the name of your blog 🙂

  2. Life-habit and emotions come into play a lot, like you Sara i blame the parents they buy for the children they cook it.
    Most blame must fall on these bloody fast food outlets and the garbage they sell to people. The USA set the trend and the world is catching up 🙂

  3. You know what the problem is – we lie to ourselves. 11 years ago I was trim, taunt and terrific. Broke my back for the first time and as it was severe – became a lot less mobile. Weight crept on when I sold my farm and moved to town as a necessity. Couldn’t understand where the weight was coming from. Simple really. I was eating wrong and too much and not t enough exercise – but, and yes there is always a but – I lied to me. I said things like ‘but I eat healthy/I don’t eat a lot/blah, blah, blah… last year I had to do something because of high cholesterol about my diet. Threw out all the processed junk – cooked everything from scratch/read labels, and what do you think happened???? I lost 30 kilos over the months. Of course I was eating too much. Of course I was eating junk – but we just don’t admit it to ourselves – so we keep piling it on.
    It is sad here at present as it is cheaper to buy junk food than fresh healthy stuff – I don’t know how parents provide for their families at times. recently they exposed the supermarkets here for putting 300% mark up on fresh veges and fruit – now don’t get me started on that. 🙂

  4. The hardest thing is to cut down and as you say cut out processed meat, its bloody rubbbish. We buy fish fish twice weekly and proper ham and chicken. I detest Chinese food, i would take an odd Indian meal.
    But all these NEW foods that pepole are eating, where did they come from, they are mostly man made, its the same here with supermarkets, but if they are caught they get a hafty fine.
    At least the people in Japan did not take to the Tesco supermarkets , they had to close over 100 stores..

  5. I am overweight, but I don’t eat junk food. I cook everything from scratch but my problem is quantity.
    I say I don’t eat junk food but I do eat chocolate…I am a self confessed chocoholic.
    I hate my body…having said that I’m not like the woman in the picture above but generally more rotunda. I swim, walk and dance…so why can’t I loose weight? probably the fat gene 😦

  6. Hi pip, the same problem with my wife she could eat twice as much as me for dinner plus snacks, so she cut it down by half and lost a stone within 6 weeks.

    Another bad thing for weight is coke, etc, etc, and alcohol mainly wine.

  7. i agree about the body as a work of art but its also a machine that needs to be loved and taken care of to make it function , not i that took care of mine over the years 🙂

    Some people take better care of their cars then they do their body.

    And yes grandma’s should be a little bit round.

  8. I think it’s important to note that obesity is also related to the economy. Processed and pre-packaged foods are cheap. The cheapest food items in the grocery store are loaded with sugar, bad carbs, and fat. For example, Ramen Noodles cost $0.20 per package and they are horribly unhealthy. The sodium content is through the roof.

    That being said, I do think it’s more a lack of exercise and a quantity issue. Nobody pays attention to serving sizes.

    You forgot to mention another problem some obese people seem to have. They insist on dressing in skin-tight, half-shirts and wearing sweat pants that say “Juicy” across the backside. Maybe there should be laws against that. 🙂

    Disclaimer: I’m fat so I’m allowed to make fun of fat people.

  9. I still think poor eating habits is a myth. I eat everything in obscene amounts and yet I am lean. Or maybe I am some kind of kryptonite. Sincerely hope it is the latter.

  10. I have learned a few lessons about figting obesity, eat less, eat the right foods, cut back on junk foods, pasta, breads, and sodas. It really works, and add some exercising to your daily list of things to do. Great post !! and very true !!

    • Hello Penny and thanks for your visit your always welcome, you are right about the junk food being bad for a person.

      But with me exercise is and always has been a big no-no 🙂 working on building sites all my life and walking all day i did not need it.

  11. Interesting topic. I am obese. I am making life changes to fix that. It is chronic meaning it is forever a challenge. It isn’t about eating less and moving more, it is understanding the emotional need food. It is an addiction. If you have ever had an addiction of any kind then you can better understand it. People make their kids fat because all their life they have been taught that food = love. We don’t do this on purpose or make a choice to be fat and eat fat foods. It fills an emotional void. Learning food is fuel and not therapy is a long and difficult road.

  12. HI Tourist, i agree its a very big challenge and hard to get over, it is an addiction, like drinking and smoking.
    A friend who is a lot over wieght buys her son what ever he wants, he is now 4 stone over wieght and only 11.
    Keep up the fight, you can and will win.
    I have been to your blog a lot but i don’t see the post, ” The Edmonton Tourist goe’s to Northern Ireland ” 🙂

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