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pizza delivery

Ring-ring, ring-ring, ring bloody ring.

Hello, tip-top pizzas here.
Is that tip-top pizzas.
Yes, how can i help.
I got a pizza delivered 10 minutes ago and it’s not right.
Sorry to hear that sir, whats seems to be the problem with it.
Well, i took it out of the box and there are no toppings.
What do you mean sir.
It’s just the base, no cheese, no tomato, nothing on it.
That’s impossible sir, are you sure your right.
I took it out of the box and it’s just the base I’m looking at now.
I’ll call the boss sir.

Poem : A life ebbing away

Looking up at the midnight sky.
I noticed a meteor flashing by.
Travelling so fast on its way.
To the outer planets far away.

Its seen places no man will see.
Been to many unknown galaxies.
In one of these far of places.
Has it been seen by another being.

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Versatile Bloggers Award

Since i recieved my first Versatile Bloggers Award from Hocam  , i have also received the award from  Lornas voice , momfog , Chronicals of Illusions ,  sons o thunder  , mature student hanging in there   and
Words from my soul

At the same time i recieved both the Liebster and the Rebekah Loper Awards from Chronicals of Illusions

And i would like to thank everyone concerned very much for the awards and thinking my blog is worthy, it makes me feel that its worth while.

Thats my acceptance speech over and done with.

It can only go downhill from here 🙂

The Liebster Award

The Rebekah Loper Award

Now i have to tell everyone seven things about me.

1. I stopped working full-time at my trade, a heating engineer, 10 years ago i just got fed up with it and working.
2. Worked part-time at d.i.y. for people, started and finished when i wanted, never before 10 a.m.

3. 20 years ago i worked for an undertaker for 3 years, handling the dead from start to finish, and i must say i enjoyed my time there and we had some laughs, even at a few funerals.
4. I love being grumpy and straight the point, i believe if you have something to say, say it. If people don’t like it sobeit.
5. I also like practical jokes, our best friends got new expensive cases for a trip. While they were away i made up a letter from the case supplier inviting them to a hotel for a reception with others who bought the cases, and a prize of another set. They went because they told us about it and it was very hard to keep a straight face. They never found out it was me.
6. I have been married to my wife Gwen for 45 happy years, we know each other from the age of 17, we are each others best friend.
7. I like to have a beer or brandy or both when with friends or out to dinner, but i don’t like to drink in the house, i think it’s because my father never did. I might have a beer on a steaming hot day but we have not had any for years.

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Do woman need men

For all those men who say, Why buy a cow when you can get the milk for free.  Here’s an update for you.

Nowadays, 80% of women are against marriage, WHY? Because women realize it’s not worth buying an entire pig just to get a little sausage.

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Poem, bad luck

My latest poem for all you poetry lovers out there.

This is not a straight forward read by the way.

Theres a little something for you to do.

As i walked through a wooded glen to-day.

looking at all the flowers and trees.

I ambled along a little pebble path.

And stepped on a lump of dog shit.

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An act of kindness

The right words can make such a difference.

A kind thought can mean so much.

I ran across this wonderful little video over on the i want ice water blog and i just had to share it with you all.

gypsies had slaves in camp

Police yesterday rescued 24 young men who were being held and made to work as slaves.

They were found at a Gypsy caravan site when 200 police raided the camp and found the men, 4 men have been charged with the crime.

The men, all from the same family of gypsies, are charged with conspiracy to holding a person in servitude and requiring them to perform forced labour.

The Crown Prosecution Service named the men charged as Tommy Connors, 30, Patrick Connors, 19, James (Big Jim) Connors, 34, and James (Jimmy) Connors, 23, all of Greenacres caravan site, in Great Billington, Leighton Buzzard.

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chemicals found in cigarettes

On a visit to a chemist i seen a stop smoking notice on the wall, reading it i was shocked to read there are nearly 600 chemicals in a cigarette.

So i thought i would make a post about them, i knew they were full of chemicals but not as many as that.

More information can be found here

I’M a smoker and have been for just over 50 years I AM going to stop when the wife gets better, i have to for my own health.

You may not enjoy or like reading the post but you may learn from it, if you know a smoker pass the link url to them and they can have a read it.

Smoking a cigarette is one of the most unhealthy things a human can do. Cigarette smoke has been directly linked to an increased risk of many diseases including cancer, heart disease and even sexual impotence.
Nicotine constricts the blood vessels, raising blood pressure and increasing the strain on the heart.

Thirty per cent of all cancer deaths can be attributed to smoking. Cancers other than lung cancer which are linked to smoking include:
•Cervical cancer • Cancers of the mouth, lip and throat • Pancreatic cancer
•Bladder cancer •Kidney cancer •Stomach cancer • Liver cancer • Leukaemia

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poem, life’s a bitch

This my first attempt at writing a poem called  ” life’s a bitch ” and more than likely my last, so enjoy it while you can.
Please don’t be to damning about my effort.
ok, go ahead then.

This was me writing it last night.

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wordpress subscription button

I’m trying here to give some information to help out people who do not understand the subscribe button and my subscriptions.

Non-wordpress people have to use the subscribe button in the sidebar and enter their email address.

If you find the post helpful prehaps you would pass it on.

WordPress members following a Blog

You can follow (subscribe to) a blog as follows. If you’re logged in to, you’ll see the grey admin bar at the top of your screen while viewing blogs. Click the Follow button in the dark grey admin bar and that blog’s new posts will start appearing in your subscriptions reader.

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house pets ??

Sitting watching the TV the other night i notice a spider on the wall so i went over and killed it, ( they look good flat with legs akimbo ) then i thought,  what is living and hiding in the average house with us.

So i put in a few photos for you all to enjoy, have YOU seen these pets.

Every home has ” house pets ” that we do not see and we do not even know we have them, because we do not look for them.

Most people will have seen some of them at one time, some are the most ugly creatures and i would hate to think what damage they could do if the were 100 or 1,000  larger.

Because they are in your home, it doe’s not mean your house is dirty, its just where they live.

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obese people

Sorry if this post bothers you or upsets you, but the reading contained in it and in the links are the truth and there is no way to hide that.

I cannot understand why people eat unhealthy food all the time to such an extent that they make themselves obese and cause all sorts of problem and illness’s with their body.

And the adults are doing the same to their children from as young as 3 or 4, so the adults are setting their children up for an early death.

Following reports are from yahoo news you can read in full. part 1   and  part 2

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