dangerous workmen

How stupid can some men be at work.


23 responses to “dangerous workmen

  1. Pretty stupid, it seems! Unbelievable!

  2. woah! I wanted to comment on a picture but then each one was worse then the last. Im very much speechless. When I still had t.v. I used to watch a home improvement show of regular people doing renovations by themselves, just for the laughs I would get. But this is very terrible. My inner construction worker is having conniption fits.

  3. Its a long time since you last blogging i thought you had sold your pc and given up 🙂 i was taken aback when i first seen them.
    There are worse ones to come yet on another subject.

  4. You might call it ‘Stupid’. I would call it ‘Natural Selection’. Hopefully most of them weren’t able to procreate.

  5. WOW! Truly horrible, but also weirdly hilarious. This proves part of the nature of comedy. I was giggling because they weren’t working on MY house. If you see somebody else slip on the banana peel – it’s funny.

    Great job assembling and arranging these.

  6. They are terrifying. But…. I have to say my years in contracting found my crews and myself in similar photo worthy situations. I’m so glad there were no iPhones with cameras in everyone’s trousers in those days!

  7. When a fatality happens, you think, how tragic. Then, once you get the full scoop, it’s like, that was so uncalled for.

    Some years ago, a woman died in a car accident on her way to work, trying to pick up a sausage sandwich she’s dropped in her car. What a way to go.

  8. Thank you for your visit totsymae1011, mistakes kill a lot of people.

  9. The internet has made the world such a small place…I got this mail last week too…even in Africa!!!
    I have you on my blogroll…now I would like to know how to display my blogroll?

  10. i got these same pics a week or two ago off my brother. Unbelieveable, but sadly it happens!

  11. OMG are these people INSANE – are you sure the photos are not photoshopped? Surely no-one has so few brain cells to do *^%% like this. LOL 🙂

  12. What a bunch a doorknobs!!!

  13. Dios mio! Window guy made my heart pause. Stupid, stupid, stupido.

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