10 responses to “credit unions

  1. This sounds a really good idea! I never came across anything like this in England. It really encourages people to save, but supports them when they need to buy something

  2. Hi Sara, your not supposed to but as long as you are in front you can do so and as i said all you have to do is pay the interest you missed.
    If your ever in Northern Ireland call in, address can by supplied 🙂

  3. I’ve always liked credit unions. They seem more trustworthy somehow, as if they’re in the business of helping me rather than exploiting me. 😀

  4. I saved oodles by joining the credit union where I worked by having an automatic deduction taken from the pay packet and put straight into savings. I simply had to budget very carefully with the remainder. Good reminder Harry!

  5. Hi There…picked up your post on Piglet’s post.
    don’t think we have anything like this in South Africa…sounds like a good idea though.

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