student debt

British student’s are compelled to pay back around £20,000 when they finish in university but only after they earn a certain amount. Poor student’s. I don’t think so.

I’m not classing all the student’s the same of course’ but i think i’m taking about the majority of them.

I think they should be working in their spare time and also when they are not studying, to get a few pound’s to help keep them selves’ while at uni and staying in dig’s.

I do maintenance work for a student landlord who has 3 house’s with 5 student’s in each so i see this every time i go to the house’s.

When they are not at uni, they don’t get out of bed until about 10 – 11 am, then they lay around their dig’s watching tv, eating and doing other wasteful thing’s instead of studying.

The house and the yard are full of empty beer tin’s, vodka, whiskey bottle’s and more drink’s bottle’s i never heard of.

When they want to eat every night they get a Chinese, Indian, fish and chip or some other rubbish, how can they afford this.

Their room’s are never clean or tidy,  if i go into a room to work  i just kick everything under the bed out of my road, why should even think of lifting it.  They are so dirty in the way  they live while in the house it’s unbelievable also they have no respect for any-thing in the house,  and it’s some of the girl’s are the worst.

When they go to the house to start their year, they buy a lot of article’s for their bedroom’s such as, tv, microwave, new bedding, plus a lot of other stuff, but the bad thing is they walk out and leave it all behind them, and i’m sure it was their parent’s who bought all their good’s for the room.

when june end’s some time’s i would go to a house to clear it out so that it can be cleaned etc, last year i had to get a large skip, i put about 20 large plastic bag’s of clothe’s, shoe’s, boot’s, handbag’s, coat’s, bedding, 3 tv’s, 2 microwave’s and lot’s more.

They leave all their small change about the floor on top of wardrobe’s, in drawer’s, everywhere and i must have got over £10.00 worth of money, the girl’s left all their jewellry behind so collected it and took it to my local jeweler’s, he took all the gold out and i got about £120.00.

My grandson got a game’s box and about 10 game’s and they are not cheap.

Poor student’s i know they are not, they are complete waster’s, wasting their time, wasting their parent’s money.

But will it change , not until the Government stop’s the student grant’s, then they will know how to manage on a tight budget.

11 responses to “student debt

  1. Not all students are the same or are wasters! But agree that in England they are lucky because there are loans available to them. In Ireland it coast approximately €10,000 per year per student and that is if they are not paying fees. Their families need to find some way of paying this or take out loans which have to start being paid immediately.
    Many students go to college because it is the natural progression from school not because it is something they want to do. Feel there is a case for a couple of years in the workforce and then going to college because it is something they want to do not something they feel they should do.

  2. What you said is true for a majority of the student in that category.
    But still, there are some students who are sincere enough. And in the end it is these students, who were sincere while in uni, who are actually able to give back something to their country and their parents.
    And I feel, that these grants are meant for these sincere students.
    What the govt should actually do is, try to find out and invest in students who actually are sincere enough.
    The big question is – How will they find this out?

  3. The whole business of university education in the UK is a mess!

  4. Many of the universities here in the US are filled with the same privileged children who do not work or if they do, they work to ask for more money from Mommy and Daddy. I wonder how much more I would have appreciated my education if I worked to pay more than my share (as opposed to student loans and help from my parents). I’m not saying all students are like this but many I went to school with came from upper/middle class and didn’t have to work while in school.

    • Hello Mrs Navy, me seeing these people i would say a lot of them are from working class family’s ( as i am myself ) and instead of pushing them selve’s further, they do as i said in my post.

  5. It wasn’t my experience as an (artsy fartsy) fashion student…I working in college from 9.30 till 5.30, I got a small grant for which I was grateful it paid my rent and food. I worked evenings, Saturdays and the summer holidays to supplement my grant. I was 10’000 pounds in debt when I left. In the end after a lot of graft it worked out for me and I was very grateful for both the education (mainly free) and the grant i got towards it…..having said that, most of my friends (also working class) doing “serious* degrees spent most of their time getting pissed and had a few hours lectures a week in case they got bored….so I definitely get your point. Nice blog by the way….I shall place you in my favourites at the very least…..

    • umanbn, i agree with what you have said, i would have to work in Queen’s uni and a few other’s on maintenance and i would see them with their head’s down working hard ( or were they sleeping ) Glad you like the blog subscribe and you won’t miss anything 🙂

  6. Thank’s for your comment Sara, i was being nice 🙂 last year i had to dispose of a fridge/freezer, micro, electric cooker and other white good’s, i found old chinese dinner’s etc under chair’s, a pig live’s a cleaner life 🙂

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