speeding ticket – part 2

Well, i sat back and waited for my £60 fine and 3 point’s letter to come in and it never arrived.

Instead, i got a letter from the Automobile Assocation, all about instead of me paying the fine etc, i should take part in a National Speed Awareness Scheme. The AA were told by the police that i had committed the offence.

If you take part in the scheme it take’s 4 hour’s to complete and the content is an interactive presentation and discussion. The cost of the scheme is £86.81.

They must think that some-one who is working can afford to take a day of work AND pay £86.81 plus petrol and maybe lunch, that could amount to over £200.00 and ordinary people who are finding it very hard just now cannot afford to do that , so i would think that most people would do as i did , pay the fine and take the 3 point’s.

But i think the police were wrong in giving out the information about me, because all my detail’s are protected under the Data Protection Act 1998.

So now i’m going to try to find out more about this and try to take it a bit further with the police. I don’t see why the Automobile Assocation should be making money out of people’s misfortune.

*****   this is the link to speeding ticket part one.   ******



7 responses to “speeding ticket – part 2

  1. What is AA? Whatever it is, your information should have been kept private. I wonder what the police will say?

  2. Just curious — what is the AA? Remember I’m not from your side of the pond.

  3. Thank you ladie’s for pointing that out, the link’s are fixed at AA.

    The Automobile Assocation will rescue you if your car break’s down, they will try to fix it first, if not they take the car and you home or to the nearest garage.

  4. Imagine getting this letter from Alcoholics Anonymous . . .

  5. This seems exploitative and unfair. It gives you a bad choice–if any. I too don’t doubt that many people can’t afford that cash–I certainly couldn’t. It favors those who have the money to get the record erased.

    Traffic tickets, though no one likes them, are in theory pretty fair–you get caught breaking a rule and you pay a certain fine. Adding in a more expensive option–from an outside source no less!–doesn’t sit right with me.

    And it would not make me feel secure to know that the police were handing out my information to these outside sources. Isn’t that what shady websites and unethical corporations do?

  6. I just thought why should i go to the trouble and pay extra when i can just go into the town and pay a fine and get the point’s as well.
    Still working on it 🙂

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