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cheeky,ignorant kid’s

When i’m going around a supermarket, walking in the street, on holiday’s, any where and every where. It is unbelievable that so many young people to-day are so cheeky and ignorant.

I’m talking about children as young as 4 and up to middle teen’s’ but i think the young one’s are the worst.

They are asked to do something by the parent and the child say’s no,  they must have heard the  parent say it to someone, so the child learn’s nothing.

The worst thing is the child is not punished for their behavior.

Go to any shop, supermarket and the kid’s are yapping at the parent’s for drink’s,sweet’s all the crap of the day the parent’s give in to keep them quite.

We went out to dinner recently and there was a mother and 3 kid’s sitting 2 table’s away, they would not sit down they spilt their drink’s they cried because they could not get another drink but then the mother got drink’s when the food arrived they refused to eat it.  She eat her dinner while they ran around and then she left, thank god for it.

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funny video’s

FIRST OF ALL, turn your volume up.

Set all video’s to full screen for best view.

 Listen for a car crash, i cannot hear it.  And when the car re-appear’s is it the same colour i think it is.


Check out this Cool Card Trick. I’ve always been a fan of magic so I’m always interested in learning cool card tricks that are straightforward. I’ve watched it over and over and still can’t figure out how he does it, can you.

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uninsured cars

Strict new car insurance rules kick-in.

This is a report about a new law but i don’t think it goe’s far enough, the fine’s are to small and the car should be crushed if they are caught for the second time.

Tough new laws have come into force today designed to crack down on drivers without insurance.

The new legislation rules that anyone with an uninsured vehicle must either declare their car as off the road or arrange a new policy.

Once the DVLA gets wind of an offending vehicle, the owner will be sent a warning letter telling them to take action.

The penalty for further ignorance is a £100 fine, followed by the possibility of having it clamped, seized or destroyed. Additional fines of up to £1,000 can also be implemented.

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student debt

British student’s are compelled to pay back around £20,000 when they finish in university but only after they earn a certain amount. Poor student’s. I don’t think so.

I’m not classing all the student’s the same of course’ but i think i’m taking about the majority of them.

I think they should be working in their spare time and also when they are not studying, to get a few pound’s to help keep them selves’ while at uni and staying in dig’s.

I do maintenance work for a student landlord who has 3 house’s with 5 student’s in each so i see this every time i go to the house’s.

When they are not at uni, they don’t get out of bed until about 10 – 11 am, then they lay around their dig’s watching tv, eating and doing other wasteful thing’s instead of studying.

The house and the yard are full of empty beer tin’s, vodka, whiskey bottle’s and more drink’s bottle’s i never heard of.

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funny jokes

80,000 blonde’s meet in the Kansas City Chief’s Stadium for a blonde’s are not stupid convention .

The leader say’s, We are all here today to prove to the world that blonde’s are not stupid.  Can I have a volunteer.

A blonde gingerly work’s her way through the crowd and step’s up to the stage.

The leader ask’s her, What is 15 plus 15, after 15 or 20 seconds she says, eighteen. Obviously everyone is a little disappointed.

Then 80,000 blonde’s start cheering, Give her another chance! Give her another chance!

The leader say ‘s. Well since we’ve gone to the trouble of getting 80,000 of you in one place and we have the world-wide press and global broadcast media here, I guess we can give her another chance.

So he ask’s, what is 5 plus 5. After nearly 30 seconds she eventually says, ninety.

The leader is quite perplexed, look’s down and just let’s out a dejected sigh , everyone is disheartened , the blonde start’s crying and the 80,000 girl’s begin to yell and wave their hand’s shouting,


The leader, unsure whether or not he is doing more harm than damage, eventually say’s, Ok! Ok! Just one more chance, what is 2 plus 2.  The girl close’s her eye’s, and after a whole minute eventually say’s, four.

Throughout the stadium pandemonium break’s out as all 80,000 girl’s jump to their feet, wave their arm’s, stomp their feet and scream.


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Convicted Murderers And Rapists

Convicted Murderers And Rapists On The Run

Hundreds of criminals who should be in jail are on the run, including 20 murderers and nine rapists, it has emerged.

Figures released by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) reveal that more than 100,000 offenders freed from jail over the last 10 years have been hauled back to prison for breaching their release terms.

All prisoners serving fixed jail terms since 2005 have been automatically freed when they have completed half of their sentence, regardless of the risk they pose to the public or whether they have shown any remorse.

Nearly 1,000 prisoners – some of whom have been convicted of very serious crimes – have ignored the demand to return to jail and are still at large.

One offender in his 30s, who was automatically released halfway through his five-year sentence for domestic violence and threatening to kill his partner, was subject to an emergency recall after texting death threats to her within two hours of his release in Merseyside.

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credit and store card debt

Britain has more credit card borrowers than any other European country.With the amount of credit and store card’s today,  it is easy to see how the credit card debt is affecting a greater number of people in the UK.  Britains credit card debt level is now totalling approximately £54 billion.  With the value of interest payment’s on credit card’s said to have now reached the £9 billion mark. The average consumer now has debt’s of over £3250 outstanding on credit card’s,  but there are a lot of people with debt’s in the ten’s of thousand’s.

Knowing that you are struggling with UK credit card debt’s is the first wake-up call that need’s to happen,  as this allow’s you to come up with a plan to seek debt advice or start to repay your debt.

The best way would be to cut your credit and store card’s in half and use cash,  this way you will not be getting into debt with your card’s, it might be hard to get used to but its something you must do.

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animal picture’s

                                                                                                                                    I might crap on his lense, he won’t know until i’m gone.

They built us into the wall now what do we do

Lick me once more and i’ll bit your tounge, it’s not funny.

speeding ticket – part 2

Well, i sat back and waited for my £60 fine and 3 point’s letter to come in and it never arrived.

Instead, i got a letter from the Automobile Assocation, all about instead of me paying the fine etc, i should take part in a National Speed Awareness Scheme. The AA were told by the police that i had committed the offence.

If you take part in the scheme it take’s 4 hour’s to complete and the content is an interactive presentation and discussion. The cost of the scheme is £86.81.

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Miss Airport 2011 Calendar

You are going to see model’s wearing just a pair of shoe’s in this post.

Miss Airport 2011 Calendar

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The Queen meets 11 Presidents

The Queen Of England meet’s a few American President’s.

I was a little shocked by the picture’s when i thought how long she’s been around. She gives new meaning to the phrase “Long Live the Queen”.

How old does this one make you feel? Keep scrolling…

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