old street games

Did you play any of these game’s when you were younger, i played them on the street’s, with both boy’s and girl’s taking part.

Did you every play them or what street game’s did you play. There will be another post soon with more game’s on it. It’s a pity the kid’s don’t play them now because the game’s will be lost for ever.


There whould usually be 2 or more player’s, each player would have different sized marble’s.

The game should be played on a smooth surface usually concrete, but any area of ground can be used.

A circle 1ft in diameter is drawn and that would be the target area.

A circle 2ft in diameter is drawn and you are not allowed within that circle to play.

The first player trie’s to get his marble into the circle, the second trie’s to knock it out but remain in the circle.

If they miss the third player trie’s to knock as many out as he can, if he doe’s he keep’s them.

There were boy’s with large bag’s of marble’s and they were the very good player’s.

Wall Baller

You would need two tennis ball’s for this game.

The player throw’s the ball’s one at a time and trie’s to catch them at a wall while singing a rhyme.

There are different level’s to go through then you repeat it using one hand with two ball’s.

You could also throw the ball’s under your leg’s at the wall and catch them.

Hide and Seek

For 3 or more player’s. One player is designated “on”.

The person who is “on” stand’s by a lamp-post, pole or gate post know as “HOME” and close’s their eye’s for 30 sec’s.

The other’s run and hide in anywhere they can find.

When the one who is “on” has finished counting they try to find all the people.

If they see someone then they run back to “HOME” and shout’s “99” and the person’s name.

The first one caught is “on” next time that’s if everyone is caught.

If one of the other’s touche’s the post and shout’s “99” i’m in And the game start’s over.

The game continue’s until the last person’s been caught.


For 5 or more, the more the better, a fairly simple game.

One person stand’s in the middle of the play area , usually a street. The rest of the group stand about 20ft away.

The person who is ‘on’ shout’s someone’s name from the group.

That person who’s name was shouted has to prepare, waiting for an appropriate moment, while everyone gets ready to run.

When they think it is the best time they shout ‘BULLDOG’ then everyone has to run to the other end of the play area.

The person who is ‘IT’ must touch as many people as possible.

Any person that is touched by the person who is ‘IT’ has to remain in the middle.

Hop Scotch

For Individual’s or group’s of 2 or more.

First you need to draw square’s on the ground using chalk.

The first player throw’s their marker into the first square. The marker must land within the square and not touch any of the line’s around it.

If the marker is touching a line or bounce’s out of the square then that player lose’s their turn.

If successful then the player hop’s through the square’s all the way to the end of the course.

When entering a single square the player must hop on one leg, both feet are used on double square’s, one in each square.

When the player reache’s the end they must turn and hop back through the course in reverse order. Stopping to pick up their marker on their way.

If the player manage’s to make it back successfully then they can then throw into the next square.

If while hopping the player misse’s a square, touche’s a line, or lose’s their balance then they lose their turn, starting again on their next go from where they left off.

The winner is the person who manage’s to complete all square’s from beginning to end.

9 responses to “old street games

  1. It's just a web site man!

    played marbles, hopscotch, never played the others. Others I played:

    game where you throw baseball card against a wall. When they fall, if they fall on another baseball card, you keep that one.


    baseball against a wall. When you are up to bat you throw the ball (usually a racquetball or tennis ball) against the wall. If the other player catches it in the air, you are out. Three outs and you change sides. If the ball bounces past a certain line, it is a single, past another farther line, a double, etc. Played with two players.


    • like you i never played those game’s, we would never have heard of baseball when we were young in the 1950s 🙂

      What we did play was round’s, which was turned into baseball in the state’s, the same as rugby was turned into gridiron 🙂

      More game’s post’s later.

  2. I loved marbles as a kid. I bet my kids have never heard of it. I must educate them ASAP.

    As for hide and seek, we were “it” not “on” and when we gave up we cried, “Olly, olly, oxen free!” I have no idea why. 🙂

    Another variation on that game was “Spotlight” played after dark and the person who was “it” had a flashlight they shined on the people they found. You avoid the flashlight, you’re home free.

  3. Hide and Seek, Marbles and hopscotch…those were the days.

  4. I have still got the “sixy” if thats how you would spell it, that I had as a kid…

  5. Oh forgot to say it won me a lot of sweets and some respect amongst the lads in the street lol… x

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