Alzheimer’s Prevention Project Test

Take this simple test and see how you do with it.Alzheimer’s disease costs the nation and the individual more than any other medical condition.

Yet, only one in 100 cases of Alzheimer’s are caused by genes.

This means that this devastating disease is largely preventable.

However, the earlier you take prevention steps, such as identifying Alzheimers’ symptoms the better

Go on try the test, i did but i can’t remember how i did. 🙂

7 responses to “Alzheimer’s Prevention Project Test

  1. Have to think about this one before I am brave enough to take this test . . .

  2. Well Patti, i did the test i felt i had to 🙂 and i’m only 1 point below the avg; for my age ( 66 ) so that’s not to bad.
    They said it could be many factor’s but the tablet’s i’m on fot the heart could come into play, so there’s a test i might go for to the doctor’s to see if i need vitamin b 🙂

  3. 68, which was good. It was a surprisingly stressful test. That stupid oil tanker looked like a yacht to me and it’s a darn good thing it was a tennis ball and not a rugby ball because I wouldn’t know what the heck it was. A deformed football? 🙂

  4. DB,

    Promise to take this test once the vodka martini has left my system. Until then, I know it is absolutely not safe to torment myself with further evidence of my brain’s fragile state . . .

  5. Ok Patti, vodka kill’s the brain, better to drink brandy 🙂

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