Super-injunctions are used to gag investigative reporting.

These injunction’s should not be handed out to peple just because they want to protect them selve’s, they should only be used as they are now to stop reporting on a court case while it is still going on.

Injunctions have become one of the most effective tools powerful individual’s and corporation’s use when they want to silence the media.

People with money and influence who have done wrong or think they have a secret that the public should not know about are granted them.

But this privacy law, used by some as a way of protecting against tabloid intrusion, the use of injunctions is being used far wider than ever before.

In their simplest form, they prevent new’s organisation’s from reporting what happen’s in court, usually on the basis that doing so could prejudice a trial.

It is time that judge’s stopped granting ‘super-injunctions’ which are so absolute and wide-ranging that nothing about them can be reported at all.

A super-injunction is an injunction that prevent’s you from telling anyone that an injunction exist’s. If taking out a regular injunction is like putting a gag round someone’s mouth, taking out a super-injunction is the equivalent of putting a gag round someone’s mouth, then pulling a bag over their head, tying them to a chair and stealing their phone so they can’t text for help.
In England and Wales, a super injunction is a form of gagging order in which the press is prohibited from reporting even the existence of the injunction, or any detail’s of it

last year that the News of the World had breached the confidentiality of married ex-Formula One boss Max Mosley, by publishing photo’s and video of a sado-masochistic orgy he was involved in with five paid dominatrices and they were handed a big fine.

Sir Fred Goodwin, the former chief executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland, has obtained a super-injunction banning the publication of information about him, it has been disclosed in the House of Commons.

So how can it be right for a super-injunction to hide the alleged relationship between Sir Fred Goodwin and a senior colleague.

Ryan Giggs, at last he can be named, the Manchester United footballer is the one who has prevented the press from revealing he was the footballer, who had an alleged affair with Imogen Thomas.
Liberal Democrat John Hemming Using the protection of parliamentary privilege in the House of Commons named Ryan Giggs as the footballer.

Liberal Democrat peer Lord Stoneham, Using the protection of parliamentary privilege had exposed details of a super-injunction involving former Royal Bank of Scotland boss Sir Fred Goodwin.

Parliamentary privilege law

read about injunction’s here

Max Mosley story

Sir Fred Goodwin story

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