boy died age 12

A boy died in my street to-day.
A 12 year old boy died on Sunday night at 9.15pm, just 5 door’s from my house.

It was another case of so called “joy riding” were the boy’s ride illegal motor bike’s which are not taxed, insured, or road worthy. They race up and down road’s and footpath’s not caring who is on them or what traffic is about. A lot have been killed over this past 10 year’s or more. He was a pillion passenger on one of two scramblers being ridden in the area at the time. Lot’s more have been killed in car’s maybe 2-3 at a time.

In this case the driver was a man of 34 who (it is said) the kid’s pay him to take them on his motor bike. They were first reported 3 mlie’s away when there were 3 people on the motor bike, report’s said they were reported 4 more time’s and then they drove up my street, lost control, skidded under a parked car where the boy cracked his skull, he died in hospital, the man driving escaped but the police have been told who he is, but they cannot find him as yet.

If the local people where he live’s get him first he will not be able to sit on a motor bike never mind drive one, it’s a very tough estate.

I saw the bike going up and then 2-3 minute’s later going down but at that time i did not know what happened.

Every time this happen’s 90% of people say it served them right, even in a stolen car when they get killed, they should not have been doing it.

The kid’s parent’s are to blame because these kid’s must keep the bike’s at their house so the parent’s know they are riding them, any one that is found driving an illegal bike the parent’s should end up in court.
Sad that another young life has been taken but this will not be the last one.


10 responses to “boy died age 12

  1. Life would be so much easier if would could find someone or something to blame in a case like this That way the world would make sense. I think we search out someone to blame in a case like this just so we can avoid the sense of lose – even for a boy we didn’t know.

    Thank you for your post… written in a beautiful tone.

    And sorry for your lose.

  2. thank you for your reply HB, it’s sad a boy has died i know, but they are dispised by the people for the trouble they cause on the road’s and around park’s and street’s, it will never end until the police use a heavy hand.

  3. This is so sad . . .

  4. Parents cannot look over their kids shoulders 24/7 so I don’t know if the parents are to blame, people always feel the need to attribute blame to someone, I guess it makes people feel better that they have passed a judgement on someone. In saying that I know that there are some terrible parents out there so perhaps you are right.

    As for serving them right, yeah I guess I am one of those 90%.

    • At time’s i go into these bad estate’s to work and i see what goe’s on and the type of parent’s are about, 2 -3 old motor bike’s in the garden, i see what the kid’s are up to, it can be bad.

  5. A few year’s back they started this in England and there were parent’s put in jail, but i think it has been ended.

  6. I can sympathize. We have a lot of motorized idiocy in our state–not to mention the parent issue.

    One of our friend’s preschoolers was almost run over by a child about that age riding an unlicensed motorbike through a park…

    Two things that should drive any sane person nuts: use of unsupervised motorized “toys” and firearms. Yes, I said firearms…

  7. Thank you C.M. there has been a lot of young people killed in and by car’s driven by these idiot’s but the idiot’s die as well.
    I’m all for gun control in the state’s but it will never ever happen.

    • I don’t mind the firearms (for hunting, etc). But, a lot of people around here give their kids air rifles or leave guns around their home. Or worse, shoot their kids with the air rifles to “teach them” of all things “gun safety”.

      Irresponsible behavior on the part of the parts just trickles down 😦 Unfortunately… I feel the sorry for the innocent people who get hurt/injured by it.

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