national health service

Shame on the present Government, but more the last labour Government for putting so much pressure on the N.H.S. with all the cut back’s.

A young married man, MR. Joi. Nelson from N.Ireland was told at the Belfast City Hospital that the doctor’s had found a brain tumor and that it was the worst kind to have.

They also said it was a very aggressive type and the outcome would be terminal.  At the Hospital he was given radium treatment and Chemotherapy.

He and his wife spent a lot of time on the web looking for help but found nothing. But by chance his wife who is a  BBC  reporter was out on an interview,  and got speaking to someone from Dublin and mentioned her husband’s problem they said they knew of a doctor in Dublin who preformed that operation.

In the end after scan’s he was given the operation in Dublin at the Beacon Hospital and it was 100% successful, he had to go for private treatment and it cost him 12,000 Euro’s.

He is back home and doing well also getting check up’s at the Belfast City Hospital, who said the reason for them not doing the operation was not the lack of funding.

Only for a bit of luck and a chance meeting he could have been dead by now, so much for these cut back’s that damage every part of the N.H.S. and both Government’s said they would protect it. 

But politicians have lied to the people for year’s and it will never stop.

I appreciate any comments you leave, and thank you for reading my posts and please call back again.

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