Intelligence Test


Thoroughly understand each question prior to selecting your answer. And don’t laugh ( just yet ) at  Bill Gate’s and his score of just three.

This one is fun.  Think carefully.

My score was only 5, don’t cheat folk’s.

Intelligence Test.

You are probably going to hate yourself after this. It scores automatically, too.  A word of advice … Be sure to stop and think before you answer.

Please post your score here and also in the thread in the wordpress ” showcase topic ”


12 responses to “Intelligence Test

  1. well being British i don’t watch baseball either 🙂 good luck with your love life 🙂

    i’ll post a link in showcase soon

  2. well then I guess I have the same intelligence as Bill Gate. Good to know. *bangs head on desk*

  3. 10 of 11. My love life is mediocre.

    BTW, I missed the Ark one. I teach Children’s Church. *blushes*

  4. i got 8, and I guess everyone’s love life is good. I should have gotten 9. The pills question was ambiguously worded. If you just say “the pills” it can mean either the pills in total OR each pill individually. I missed the baseball one even knowing the answer! Of course this isn’t an intelligence test in the first place. It tests reading comprehension. It was fun, though.

  5. @ Momfog and Mikey, thank you and you both got very high score’s, as you said Mikey it’s how you read it.

  6. You GOT a score of 10 out of 11
    Your rating: Wow! You must read a lot!

  7. Got 9 , hadn’t a clue about the baseball question and got suckered on the Ark question.
    Just found your blog tonight. It’s title grabbed me:-) Look forward to reading more

  8. hi Mary, thank you for subscribing, you got 4 more than me, i hope you like the post’s and still more to come. harry

  9. I got 9 out of the 11, triple Bill Gates score, so why don’t I have his money? Know nothing about baseball and obviously didn’t give enough thought to the ark question, should have gotten that one.

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