foreigners coming to Britain


The British Government should put a complete end to illegal people coming to Britain with out a job to start,  they bring very little money if any at all, meaning they have no way to support themselve’s living here.

They get of the plane or boat, go to the nearest city or town and ask for the Social Security Office, they cannot speak English so the Government provide’s an interpreter.

They say they are homeless and are provided with furnished accommodation, also put on the Social payroll be it the dole or what ever, then on the way out to the taxi provided by us the social worker hand’s the person about 20 leaflet’s on thing’s they can claim for.

Thing’s like free eye glasses, free dental work, free doctor’s care,  free this,  free that,  free every bloody thing that they could not get in their own country.

If they go to claim anything, the provider must get a translator to help them, these people should be made to learn English before they come here, after all English is a universal language.

When they are settled here then the next stage is for them to bring their family over, there is no way of checking if half these people are family. So maybe there will be another 10-15 people for the British people to keep.

Next stage is we have paid them so much money they get a car or van, and then they open a shop or two, buy a house or two and put the family member’s into them and charge rent and in order to pay the rent they claim it of the government.

After a few year’s they have made so much money from their supermarket’s, they decide to run for the city council election’s, and then impose restriction’s on the British people and cut their living standard’s.

Is it just me, or doe’s anyone else find it amazing that during the mad cow epidemic our government could track a single cow, born in Appleby almost three years ago, right to the stall where she slept in the county of Cumbria?

And, they even tracked her calve’s to their stall’s.. But they are unable to locate 125,000 illegal immigrant’s wandering around our country. Maybe we should give each of them a cow.


9 responses to “foreigners coming to Britain

  1. We have millions of illegals living, working, sending their kids to our schools, and receiving free medical care. It’s a serious problem that anger many Americans, and a hot potato among politicians. What the solution is, I don’t know. Maybe if our economy gets bad enough and jobs grow even more scarce, they’ll decide to go home.

  2. The problem with Britain is that there are to many ” do gooder’s ” trying to stop them being sent back home. Even if there are no job’s they get money every week from the Social Welfare.

  3. Very contentious but just saying what a lot of people are thinking. I don’t know if you ever watch those programmes about UK customs or immigration services – really highlights how much of a joke it has become. There is no doubt we spend a lot of money on trying to stop so many people gaining entry. Its just that we are really really bad at doing it.
    “Mrs Patel has been living in the UK for 2 years illegally. She has no documents with her at all. After being arrested she was released on bail to return to court next week. Mrs Patel then disappeared without trace”

    • room102, i do watch the programmes, Mrs Patel is just doing what a lot of them do, but then if we were in their shoe’s would we not do it.
      The problem begin’s in other countrie’s they should not be allowed travel.

  4. Stopping it at source would be the ideal solution, but the more realistic resolution would be to put them on the plane the moment they are caught. No time for debate or escape. That would soon get rid of them

  5. That is this country for you, the bitch of Europe, even the French allow illegals to sit in camps in their country so that they can wait to enter ours illegally, kick em all out… oh but we cannot find them.

  6. Honestly we shouldn’t be letting anyone in this country, we’re full. All it’s doing is bumping up the homeless rate and the unemployment rate because the people that actually were born here have to suffer because the government cares about foreigners more than their own people.

    Apparently there’s a law that if you’re illegal but are in a family environment you can’t be forced to leave England, some illegal woman managed to stay here because she had a cat. Absolutely pathetic.

  7. Pete agreed, no-one coming here should be handed a home or money to live on, no other country would do it.

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