obesity, alcohol and drugs,

80,000 claimant’s are on benefits For obesity and addiction’s.

According to a new government report out to-day, more than 80,000 people are claiming incapacity benefit for obesity and addiction to alcohol and drug’s.

The report further state’s that, 81,760 people are dependent on payout’s because they are obese (1,830) or suffering from drug (37,480) or alcohol problem’s (42,360).

Some 12,880 alcoholic’s and 9,200 drug addict’s have been dependent on incapacity benefit for more than 10 year’s, along with 660 obese people.

The benefit is paid at three weekly rates: £68.95 for the first 28 week’s, £81.60 from week’s 29-52 and £91.40 from week 53. The current 2.1 million people on incapacity benefit cost taxpayer’s £7bn a year.

These people should NOT get this benefit as it is meant for people who are really ill with chronic  diseases or disability’s, etc.

If they are obese or have a drug or alcohol addiction, no-one caused it but them selves’ by their over indulgence, there is help available for them but they do not take this help, so why pay them to remain on they habit’s. Giving money to a drug and alcohol addict’s is also feeding their habit’s.

The government must and should stop this wrong doing and give it to the people who really need it.

Of course now we will get all the charities’ like Alcohol Concern, drug awareness, etc jumping on the band wagon trying to stop it, WHY, because their job’s depend on these people, no addict’s = no job’s


7 responses to “obesity, alcohol and drugs,

  1. Good heavens! I wonder if folks here in the U.S. are receiving Social Security Disability for the same reasons. I hope not! We have so many obese people in this country, it would break the bank. Which is already broken enough thanks to Wall Street, corrupt banking institutions and their politician cronies!

  2. You’re probably right, Harry. Says a lot about the way we live. My mom and dad were never obese because they didn’t eat loads of junk food and they walked a lot. And my dad was handicapped the same as I am, but that didn’t turn him into a couch potato. Not until he was elderly, at least, when he was confined to an electric scooter.

  3. Invasion of the body snatchers – those huge fat leather/vinyl sofas sure look hard to get out of. With the control panel, the flat screen tv, up on the wall, capture is complete! That doing so little should cost so much . . .

  4. Yes Sara, you are right the Brit’s are getting as dumb as the American’s 🙂

  5. There is always some do-gooder in the goverment who dont action these things because they want to please the 3 members of the albino hermaphrodite hedhogs league or something similar.

    What is apparent is that common sense and politics don’t really go hand in hand, millions of people can see the action that needs to be taken but the politicians whom often talk of “making the tough choices” only see to want to increase our fuel duty rather than look at things that make sense.

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