wordpress is under threat

A story which might alarm you, all link’s are clickable.

WordPress.com is under threat from an evil woman who got into the WordPress computer  and copied all the programme’s,  she is now threatening  to bring the WordPress site to a stand still.

She is known for this and has tried it before, her name is Midaeval Maiden and live’s in a castle with one servant, and a few local people said she has a very sad life with 4 cats.

WordPress member’s called a meeting and support bot was asked to read the minute’s about the last time this happened, but support bot took so long to start Grays in the shade read the minute’s from the brown road chronicle’s.

Someone asked was invisible Mikey at the meeting but no-one answered and the dribbling pensioner sat in the corner dribbling happily.

As usual air odyssey was hovering 3 feet of the ground, and said that it was a case of good versus evil or if you prefered love versus Goliath.

The Maiden escaped to the third dimension so we needed someone to go there, so the one cool site girl known as Time Thief volunteered. She came back and said the maiden was back home with her pet dove Momfog.

The people decided to go after her, but had a party before they went which was organized by Mac Manx the happiness engineer and he put on a great showcase.

To find where she lived the last explorer said that he would guide us to fightening gun ridden city called New York.

We needed extra help so we enlisted the Team Oyeniyi and also the Texas Druids, also we would have to walk down the sacred path to help keep the evil away.

We also decided to travel by boat using the helpful Rain Coaster service, and upgraded to Auclass in case a few of us did not come back.

The outcome, the Maiden was banned to blogspot, her cats were sent to China, support bot promised to be faster, WordPress.com is safe.

Tell your friend’s to come here and read the warning, we may need help in the future, i have a feeling something else might happen.

All copy right’s reserved by Colonel Gaddafi, if you do want to copy and paste leave £5 please, and turn the light’s off on the way out.


29 responses to “wordpress is under threat

  1. i’m waiting to hear what some of the other member’s say.

    you don’t have the cat’s, it’s the other lady, you forgot to change over again 🙂

  2. I agree with the Maiden.

  3. This is great! I love it! Very well done!

  4. I have had a busy day as usual and my head was spinning when I clicked into the showcase forum and clicked into this. However, you don’t fool me I think it’s you who are orchestrating this diabolical takeover. How did you know that I was a shape shifting time traveler ? hmmmmmmmmmmmm……

  5. Is a grapling hook used for picking tiny grapes? Sorry I missed the meeting. I was asleep for a SPELL.
    — MIKE-Y

    (This was funny!)

  6. thank you everyone i’m glad you liked it, and now to think of the next thing 🙂

    the E is added Mickey 🙂

    Edit , o’dear i must take out the C

  7. I have absolutely no idea what’s going on here, however I strongly approve! 🙂

  8. Howdy, y’all, from Fort Worth, Texas. I’ve never been part of a fantasy before. Kind of fun! Thanks for including me.

  9. Speaking of cats, I have four, used to have six. All are currently sacked out on their favorite bed, chair, sofa around the house. They’re lazy little slugs, but I love ’em.

    I fixed the link to my book Six Cats In My Kitchen. Thanks for the tip-off about that, Mr. drib. I asked for help on the amazon community and a poster sorted out the problem. My new link is http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004VXM0TQ/ref=
    Please let me know if it works for you. It did for me. Lyn

  10. Hi Lyn, then you would enjoy the link in my blogroll ” lifewith4cat’s ” the blog is all about her life with her 4 cat’s and her name is Sara, harry

    ps. the link work’s.

    pps. Sara AKA the wicked witch from the USA, she will be reading this comment 🙂

  11. Harry, I will check out sara’s blog. thanks for trying my link. I’m glad it finally works. Lyn

  12. Sara the beautiful maiden from the great place called the U.S.A. is here…. That link works and it leads to the cutest book I ever did see. But it offers no description about the story. Hi, Texasdruids, Ill have to check out your blog as well.

  13. I finally figured out how to start my blogroll! You’re my first entry.

  14. Hi Sara, while your hitting blog’s hit Adam’s above he is the The Flying Guillotine.

  15. Thanks, Pensioner. I should probably warn potential visitors not to read my blog if they’re easily offended. LOL!

  16. You should put a sticky warning at the top of your blog 🙂

    Sara can take a look it will do no harm.

  17. I’ve never been called a “dove” before. It’s quite pleasant. Very good story-telling technique. I wish I’d thought of it first. Nicely done!

  18. HA that is so funny. I read Adams comment. Clicked in to your blog. My mouse was literaly on the verge of clicking Adams name (because his comment interested me) and as my clicking finger was tensing… my eye passed over your reply H. Were you reading my mind or something? heheheh

  19. Pennshioner, welcome to your new role as my new favorite advisor to the king. Adams bog was awesome. I never would have found it if it werent for you.

    • harry the handy man

      @Sara, i have known the pensioner all my life because we are the same age and he is willing to help anyone 🙂

  20. Thanks Sara. I’m glad you and Pensioner share my sense of humour. Feel free to advertise my blog to anyone else you know, I appreciate the assistance!

  21. Sara,
    Love your blog! Nice to look at and great cat insights.

    I’m so glad you like the look of Six Cats! I will add a description of the book on my blog. It’s the story of six special cats and the important part they each played in my family. Although I tried to lighten the mood with dashes of humor, it’s a memoir touching upon topics like grieving the loss of human and four-footed loved ones, moving cross-country with kids and cats, and living with a hereditary disabling illness. It’s a short read, only 9 chapters, with lots of photos included. I recommend reading it on your computer, iPad, iPhone, etc. so you can see the pics in color.

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