UK Government translation service

Hidden cost of translation and interpretation of the UK Government.

Why should the British tax payer have to pay for the translation of thousand’s of document’s for foreigner’s flooding Britain, it’s about time it came to and end.

The Labour government said that people coming to Britain will have to learn English, the present Government said that they should learn English before they come here.

It’s ridiculous that the service is provided. If i went to live in another country i would not expect this service to be provided and i would have to find someone to interpret for me and also i would lean the language.

A UK-based translation agency who work’s closely with Government estimated the figure of £100 million for translation and interpretation service’s to the UK Government is greatly underestimated, and that the actual cost is likely to be as high as £500 Million.

More than £100m of public money is spent on translation service’s in the UK. Local authorities’ spend £25m, NHS trusts £55m and the courts £31m on interpreting language’s.

It is a total waste of money that is spent on such thing’s as

Peterborough Council translate’s detail’s of its refuse collection service into 15 language’s.

Islington’s NHS primary care trust in London is providing translation for one-to-one stop smoking session’s to a Bangladeshi woman who has lived in the UK for 22 year’s and does not speak English.

The question is, WHY has she not learnt English, because she could not be bothered so why translate for her.

A company who is translating for the Government have 6,000 professional translator’s and interpreter’s and these translator’s work with over 140 language’s.

This translation problem extend’s further down the line to a whole host of Government funded bodies’ and quangos, such as Citizen’s Advice Bureau, Refugee Council’s and Housing Association’s, of which there are 3,000 who each regularly purchase translation and interpretation to communicate with non-English speaking tenant’s.

Printing cost’s of translated document’s is also excessive. Public sector bodies’ often print in large volume’s, which are then often left on the shelf.


6 responses to “UK Government translation service

  1. It does seem ridiculous, yet people are scared to say anything for fear of being labelled racist, which is rubbish! I have the same feeling about the many Brits that move to Spain yet can’t be bothered to learn Spanish. It’s embarrassing. The politicians who have ignored immigration problems have left the door open to extremist parties.

  2. The British Government is falling over backward’s to help every bloody person that come’s into Britain, with dole money , a house and good’s it’s an open market for down and out’s.
    In fact i think i will write a post about that.:)

  3. I wouldn’t like to make sweeping generalisations, but I have cousins who all have had children whilst in their late teens and have no intention to work. They live off the state. It’s sad that they have no ambition in life, sponging is considered normal. Only one is married, the others single parents. They weren’t bothered about waiting for a secure relationship before having children.

    Wow, these two comments are a little serious by my standards!

  4. Stewie, i agree with everything you said, we have them over here very sad sad people. In fact i intend to post about this and more in the next week or so, if you subscribe you will not miss them 🙂 The two comment’s are how people feel, i’m going to visit your site.


  5. This is really good subject matter. It sparks thought in the reader and it is written clearly so it’s easy to read and grasp. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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