parliament dissolved

Now that the 3 Assembly’s in Scotland, Wale’s and N.Ireland are dissolved for the up and coming election’s on the 5th may, we can look forward to meeting the people who want to run Britain during the next session.

To-day we got the first 3 party leaflet’s and I’m sure we will be hit with a lot more from people.

The leaflet’s are full of promise’s of what and how they are going to do over the next term in office, it’s a pity they did not do these thing’s when they were in office last time.

But then the country was controlled by Labour and they proceeded to ruin everything and put the country heavily into debt.

It’s the usual suspect’s and the usual party’s around again it never change’s. One party’s agenda read’s as follow’s.

1. More job’s, hardly in the condition’s the world is in now.

2. Tougher on crime, i think i have heard that one for year’s.

3. Low rate’s, we can only wait and see what you do.

4. Fix the education system, no chance the has got worse for 10 year’s or more.

5. Better health, the NHS is at rock bottom and what will these new cut’s do to it.

You see these people at your door to ask you to vote for them and never see them again, i made an appointment with an mp about a year ago, and on the day i went to his office and waited for 30 minute’s, only to be told he was sorry he could not make it to-day.


I appreciate any comments you leave, and thank you for reading my posts and please call back again.

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