big brother coming back

NO! please no.

I thought i had seen the last of this show, not that i watched the last 2 serie’s very often as it was boring with boring people taking part.

i thought it was stopped because they had such a small viewing figure, they must think they are going to get it back again.

Why don’t they make good programme’s that will interest the viewer’s. 

In less than a year since Channel 4 aired the ‘last-ever’ episode of ‘Big Brother’, the reality serie’s is set to return.

Endemol UK has just signed a two-year deal with Channel 5 to bring back the show on the rival channel this summer in august, which will be followed by a non-celebrity version later this year.

Channel 5 director was excited to have secured the return of ‘Big Brother’ for Channel 5, which will form a key part of this year’s schedule.

It remain’s unclear who will be presenting the revived version of ‘Big Brother’, but its C4 host Davina McCall is reportedly keen to see Emma Willis fill in her shoe’s.

The name’s of the star’s due to take part in the celebrity version of the show this summer are yet to be confirmed.  But show bosses are reportedly keen to approach celebritie’s including Charlie Sheen, Amy Childs and Mohammed Al Fayed.

What do you think about this , did you watch and will you watch it again when it start’s.


I appreciate any comments you leave, and thank you for reading my posts and please call back again.

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