over weight kids

The people in Britain, in about this past 10 year’s or so have started to change for the worst.

The big problem is that people are getting to fat, chubby, obese, tubby, call it what you want to but it all mean’s you are Fat.

But the thing that scare’s me most is the kid’s, some as young as two year’s of age and they are twice they weight they should be.

My wife stop’s this year minding children, but she has two 11 year’s old’s until July, a girl who is slim and look’s normal ( shall we say ).

But the boy has a big problem, he is about 21/2 to 3 stone over weight, he has man boob’s already and his stomach hang’s over the belt on the trouser’s. He cannot run to play game’s and if he drop’s something he has to go down on one knee to pick it up and then he has the problem if getting up onto his feet again.

I blame the parent’s for the problem, they fed their kid’s all the rubbish of the day from these fast food outlet’s and wash it down with gallon’s of coke or other sugar laden drink’s. then at the supermarket it’s the kid’s who do the shopping they load the trolley with more fast food, microwave food , drink upon drink.

Then for being good kid’s the parent’s buy them a treat, chocolate and drink or maybe a chinese or burger for dinner.

The parent’s are killing’s their own kid’s and a lot of them will out live their kid’s for this reason. I listened to a TV programme about the subject this week and a few of the expert’s said that the parent’s should be charged with child cruelty. The parent’s know they are doing harm when they see their child but choose to ignore it.

People need to get back to good home cooking, eating fruit, getting the kid’s out to play for exercise away from the tv and these bloody game console’s.


2 responses to “over weight kids

  1. It really is awful. Parents shouldn’t outlive their kids. :/

  2. I agree, these kid’s could be very sick or dead in 20 year’s.

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