yeh, i mean

Yeh i mean

What’s this all about, some sort of new way to start a sentence that came about in this past year or so. Where the hell did this start, some upper crust twat or some dick head hippie.

I listen to footballer’s, film star’s, politician’s, sport’s star’s being interviewed and every sentence is started with these two bloody stupid word’s ( i mean ) we all know you mean what you say, we are not so stupid that we need to be told.

They don’t put ( yeh i mean ) into print when they are writing letter’s or writing their column’s in the paper’s  or writing post’s in their blog’s, etc.

Someone should point out to these people it sound’s really daft and that there is no need for it.

You see more and more people using it on TV, but in general conversation’s with friend’s and other people it is never used.

It’s like a groom going to take his vow’s and when the reverend ask’s him, the groom say’s “yeh  i mean, i do ”

It just doe’s not sound grammatically correct.


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