speeding ticket

On wednesday last week i was driving to my son’s house to help him with some work, i was on a main road with little traffic and listening to the radio .

I saw the police van about 500 yard’s in front parked in a layby, and i saw the square hole in the door where the camera look’s out off , but never thought a thing about it.

It was only when i was passing it i thought of checking my speed, bloody hell i’m caught, i was doing 38 miles an hour .

I thought maybe they had not set up yet, maybe they did not take me, maybe they were having a sleep or their lunch.

3 days later on saturday i got my speeding ticket, so it’s a £60 fine and also 3 points on my licence .

Well i suppose it was my fault and i’ll be quicker the next time to check my speed if i see a police van.

I not going to tell the wife she will be to worried, i wonder if the son would pay it.


2 responses to “speeding ticket

  1. Unlucky tiger…….a rep i knew who was behind on time managed to get banned in one day …caught in 4 different camera,s …..now that was un lucky lol

  2. that was very unlucky , the last time i was caught was about 12 years ago

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